Using the private messaging system

What’s the private messaging system and how does it work

The private messaging system is an easy-to-use internal communication tool similar to e-mail that lets you send messages to other AgentSolo.com members.

You may use the private messaging system any time by clicking on the My Activities tab. To find out how many new messages you’ve received, go to the Overview page. Under the heading Private Messaging System, you may read and respond to your new messages.

You can also review the messages you sent on the private messaging system. The time when your messages were read by the recipient is shown. You can also write a new message to a Buyer or a Solo Agent.

Who can use the private messaging system?

Solo Agent Premium Members and Buyers may contact another member at any time using the Private Messaging System. Solo Agent Guests may respond to messages but may not initiate contact

How can I find a member to contact?

To contact a Solo Agent, use the search engine by clicking on the Search tab, or consult the Solo Agent directory by clicking on the Buy Services tab. You’ll be able to find Solo Agents who may eventually become partners, subcontractors or clients.

When consulting a Solo Agent’s profile, you’ll notice two icons:
Ajouter aux contacts Click on the Add a Contact icon if you wish to add a Solo Agent to your list of contacts;
Envoyer un message Click on the Send a Message icon if you would like to contact a Solo Agent using the private messaging system.

These icons also appear in your own profile so that Buyers or other Solo Agent Premium Members interested in your profile can contact you.

To contact a Buyer: The Buyer’s profile is accessible only from their project descriptions. If you have questions about projects you are interested in, click on the Buyers’ user names to view their profiles and then send them a message.

What are the rules?

The AgentSolo.com private messaging system makes it easy to communicate and negotiate with other members. Feel free to use it to enquire about a Solo Agent’s services, ask for more details about a project, establish professional contacts and more.

Members failing to comply with AgentSolo.com’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy (which you can read by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page) may have their accounts suspended. For example, it is forbidden to send the same message to many different members to promote your services or to engage in any other form of aggressive solicitation.

Do not hesitate to contact us to report a problem or abuse.

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