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What are News and Tips?

News and Tips are articles written by Solo Agents that offer information or advice to the AgentSolo.com community. As a Solo Agent member, you may publish two types of News and Tips :

  • Business News : Publish exciting news about your company, such as the hiring of new staff, the awarding of a major contract or subsidy, an update on a project, the launching of a new product or service, and so forth. This type of content is similar to press releases, but the tone may be less formal and more personal.
  • Advice and Strategy : Stand out from the crowd on AgentSolo.com and earn a reputation as an expert in your field by publishing important news in your business sector, scoops, reflections on recent developments in your field, suggestions for new approaches, and so forth.

Who may publish News and Tips?

Both Guest and Solo Agent Premium Members may publish News and Tips in order to enhance their profiles on AgentSolo.com. However, for the selection of News and Tips that are displayed on the home page, in the newsletter and on other AgentSolo.com pages, priority is given to the News and Tips written by Solo Agent Premium Members.

Why should I publish News and Tips?

News and Tips are an original way to promote your business and showcase your expertise in your field.

They enhance your profile on AgentSolo.com, make it more appealing to Buyers and give you greater visibility on the Internet.

Where are News and Tips posted?

  • In your profile : The most recent News and Tips are displayed in your profile on AgentSolo.com at the following address : http://membre.agentsolo.com/username/capsules/. You may view all your previous News and Tips by clicking on a hyperlink.

To increase the visibility of News and Tips, our team selects the best ones and posts them in several locations:

  • On the AgentSolo.com home page
  • In the directories
  • In the resources section
  • In the newsletter
  • In an XML aggregator : The News and Tips use standard RSS to allow users of an XML aggregator to subscribe to the content they are interested in. You may subscribe to the thread displaying all the Business News, Advice and Strategy or News and Tips written by a specific Solo Agent.

How can I have my News and Tips appear on the home page?

Among all the Business News and Advice and Strategy articles published by Solo Agent Premium Members, we select the best News and Tips and display them on our home page. Here are some suggestions to make your News and Tips more appealing to the AgentSolo.com team and thus increase your chances of being selected:

  • Originality : Publish news and ideas that are original;
  • Style : Use a personal style;
  • Attention to detail : Thoroughly research your topic and ensure that your content is 100% accurate;
  • Quality : Carefully re-read your News and Tips and correct any errors.
Please note that our team carefully reads all the News and Tips published by members, so there is no point in contacting us to request that your News and Tips appear on the home page.

Are there restrictions regarding what content I may publish in News and Tips?

Yes. To be considered acceptable, the News and Tips must fit into either the “Business News” or “Advice and Strategy” categories. The News and Tips must also correspond to one of the main categories in the AgentSolo.com directory.

Spam and advertising (such as “visit our Web site” or “discount offered this week only”) are not allowed.

Furthermore, miscellaneous offers (projects, services, etc.) and any other content that bypasses the professional service negotiation system set up by AgentSolo.com is forbidden.

As is the case in all the public sections of AgentSolo.com, Solo Agent Guests may not post a link to their Web site or any other contact information in their News and Tips.

Last, News and Tips must respect the Terms of Use on AgentSolo.com.

Are News and Tips on AgentSolo.com the same thing as blogs?

Similar to blog publishing tools, AgentSolo.com News and Tips promote the dissemination and circulation of ideas by means of an easy-to-use tool that does not require knowledge of Web site programming in order to publish articles on the Internet.

AgentSolo.com News and Tips do not replace blogs; rather, they provide a highly specialized tool that makes it easier to publish content by and for self-employed professionals.

When you publish News and Tips on AgentSolo.com, they must fall into either the "Business News" or "Advice and Strategy" categories and must respect the Terms of Use on AgentSolo.com. If your message does not fall into one of these two content categories, consider using another type of Internet publishing tool that is intended for a wider audience and that contains more general content.

If I already have a blog where I publish news about my business or advice and strategy, do I have to recopy everything in order to publish them in my profile?

No. If you already have a blog, your content management tool (Blogger, Movable Type, MonBlogue, TypePad, etc.) likely creates an XML thread that groups your most recent messages. Using this XML thread, your messages will automatically be added to your profile, so you do not have to copy them manually.

Follow these steps :

  1. Copy your blog’s XML thread address (ending with .rss, .xml or .rdf);
  2. Click on the "My Activities" tab and then click on "My News and Tips";
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Display My XML Thread" link;
  4. Specify whether you mainly publish "Business News" or "Advice and Strategy" and then paste the address of your XML thread in this box
  5. Save the page.
AgentSolo.com will occasionally check to see whether your blog has been updated and, if so, we will add these updates to your profile, along with a link to your Web site. The formats currently recognized are: RSS 0.9 and 1.0; RDF; RSS 2.0; Atom 0.3.

Please note, however, that News and Tips from external blogs will not be displayed on the home page of AgentSolo.com.

I would like to comment on News and Tips written by another member. How can I do so?

To send the member a message using the AgentSolo.com messaging system, click on the envelope icon that appears on News and Tips or on the profile of the Solo Agent who published the message. Please note that only Solo Agent Premium Members and Buyers may use the messaging system

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