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March 5, 2012 - Advice and Strategy > Management & Finance
Why implementing Good Performance Practices ?

In an increasingly uncertain global market, it is essential that businesses remain competitive. In this point of view the success key of the manufacturing companies remains the innovation in the business processes, in the manufacturing processes, and in the quality products placed at the customers disposal. To achieve this key of success, companies must invest in the manufacturing processes optimization, in the manufacturing processes improvement and finally, in the general manufacturing process performance. Companies in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices have an excellent base to develop and adopt an innovating solution in order to maintain the quality of their products and to improve the performance of their manufacturing processes.

Merits of Good Performance Practices (GPP)

Good Performance Practices make it possible to :

1- Clarify your priorities for improving your production management;
2- Simplify even complex production process and identify a straightforward route for improvement;
3- Quantify the results of a change to a process. The effect of a change can be compared with the status of the process before the change;
4- Provide the basis for objective comparison with peer group business (Benchmarking). This will highlight processes which offer better methods and practices;
5- Improve noticeably efficiency, which can lead to rapid return on investment and increased profits.

K. Molley
Princial Consultant
Mivado GlobalPerformance Inc.

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