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June 27, 2007 - Business News > Writing & Translation
McKelvey Communications Develops English Version of, the Quebec Web service that connects freelance professionals with contractors, has been so successful in French Canada that its managers decided to launch an English version of their Web site. To do this, called upon the expertise of one of its own members, McKelvey Communications Inc. “We were honoured to translate the site into English,” says Myles McKelvey, President of McKelvey Communications Inc. “We really appreciated the enthusiasm, professionalism, and vast experience of the AgentSolo team. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”

To demonstrate its effectiveness, the team used their own Web site to find the right translator for the job. “McKelvey Communications clearly understood the specific features of our service and we are thoroughly pleased with their English translation,” explains Martine Gingras, AgentSolo's Vice President of Interactive Strategies. Thanks to the English version of, members will now be able to do business throughout all of English Canada.

As a business, is a winning idea with winning numbers: it currently boasts nearly 15,000 members. Designed for independent professionals, self-employed workers, and Canadian business, has become the Web-based marketplace to showcase expertise, find projects, and expand professional networks. “I've been an member for some time,” says writer and translator Olivia Collette. “It's the perfect solution for self-employed professionals and businesses of any size. It's the only Web site where I can promote my services, highlight my skills, submit quotes, and meet new clients.” connects professionals in a variety of industries, including communications, marketing, media, journalism, graphic design, translation, management, finance, legal services, computer programming, and more. The English version is now online.

Contact: Myles McKelvey, President
McKelvey Communications Inc.
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Translation - Editing - Writing
Tel.: (514) 483-6833

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