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May 10, 2010 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
Why pick an OTTIAQ-certified translator?

Skills recognized and checked by the Order
OTTIAQ's certified translators must possess a bachelor's degree in translation or equivalent training, and have completed a six-month
mentoring program or two years of work experience. They must also submit to an inspection of the quality of their work and management.

Code of ethics and regulations
OTTIAQ translators must comply with a code of ethics and regulations, in particular, concerning record-keeping and confidentiality.

Professional liability insurance
OTTIAQ's certified translators are covered by professional liability insurance of one million dollars per claim, up to a maximum of two million dollars per year.

Ongoing training
By taking part in various workshops every year, OTTIAQ's certified translators keep their skills up to date.

For all these reasons, pick a professional!
Choose a certified translator!

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