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October 3, 2008 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
Why Should You Use the Services of a Certified Translator?

Why Should You Use the Services of a Certified Translator?

For a long time, being bilingual was all that was needed to become a translator. These days, translation requires formal training and continuous learning. Translation is now recognized as a full-fledged profession, with more companies requiring that their translators be certified members of a professional association.

The Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) belongs to the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec in the same right as the associations representing other professionals, such as nurses, engineers and chartered accountants. OTTIAQ's mission is to ensure and promote the competence and professionalism of its members in the field of translation. In so doing, the Order fulfills its mandate to protect the public.

OTTIAQ members are professionals whose mission is to ensure quality communication between people of different languages and cultures. OTTIAQ-certified translators must have an excellent knowledge of both the source and target languages. In addition to writing skills, they must have a broad general knowledge of many fields of human endeavour.

To become certified, translators must fulfill specific requirements: they must hold an undergraduate degree in translation or have many years of relevant experience. They are also bound by a code of ethics and must ensure confidentiality.

When you call upon a Certified Translator, you can rest assured that the professional meets all of these requirements. Therefore, enlisting the services of a Certified Translator is your guarantee of quality.

For more information about OTTIAQ, please visit their Web site at:

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