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What is OpenID?

OpenID is an authentification system that allows you to log in to different Web sites always using a single unique identifyer, without forcing you to remember the various usernames and passwords that are specific to each of those sites. This unique identifyer consists of a personalized URL (ex.: This URL is available through Web sites services that you already use or through a specific service provider. You will be able to log in to these sites with this URL and the password linked to it. To know more about and Wikipedia.

Many Web sites and services use the OpenID standard and provide an identifier that you are also able to use to log in to Here are a few of these sites and services:

OpenId :

If you do not have an OpenID identifier yet, you can get one from one of these providers: ClaimID
MyOpenID OpenID France

How do we use OpenID?

You can link your OpenID identifier to your account or use an OpenID to open a new account. In both cases, your OpenID provider will first confirm your identifier as you type in your password, this is a necessary step. Afterwards, you will not need to remember your username and password since your OpenID can be used as your single unique log in identifier on our site. You will also be able to access your account with your regular username and password at all times, in order to modify your OpenID identifier if needed.

If you complete a new account registration with OpenID, to speed up the process, you will be able to fill the registration form automatically with information already available through your OpenID provider if you authorize this system operation. To start registering a new account, simply write your OpenID in the field box and press GO!

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