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October 3, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
10 Things You Should Never Write in Business Essays

Want an A for your business essay?

Then you should take at least 2 steps. The first is to use the best ingredients for your paper: thorough research, critical thinking and flawless writing. The second is not to include spoilers.

Would you like to know what can break your papers? Read on!

5 Worst Spoilers for Business Essays

Sometimes, tutors only scan your paper to see what it's worth. And here is what can stop teachers from loving your essays:

1. Once upon a time... Too long, off-topic introduction. Showing your knowledge of history or sharing your philosophical thoughts isn't good for Business classes. Get to the point as soon as possible – better do it in the 1st sentence.
2. Wikipedia fan club. This unreliable source is second only to the phrase ‘our neighbor Ben says'. You should never confess that you use Wikipedia when you are at college.
3. In my humble opinion (imho)… Mask your uncertainty, so that even you forget about it.
4. Lots of/ plenty of/ a great number of… Business tutors are obsessed with figures. Dig out relevant stats to support your position and here you go – the most persuasive business student ever.
5. Meaningless graphs without proper explanation. Eye candies can be great or absolutely useless, depending on the way you use them. Good for you if you decide to include some graphs, but be sure to offer your comments on them.

5 Sins that Can Ruin Business Essays

5 more errors that stand between you and your excellent grades for business papers:

1. Clichés and too general statements. Try not to write something too obvious: "Business depends on a variety of factors" or “Effective management is important for the company's performance". Everyone agrees, but nobody is really impressed.
2. Too much creativity. Avoid using too many expressive means, such as similes and metaphors (crisis struck the county like a thunder from the blue sky, the manager was like a stepfather to his subordinates etc.)
3. A scattered collection of quotes. Remember that the good balance between quotes and your own ideas in a business paper is 1:3. The best reason for citing external sources is to support your own ideas.
4. No quotes. Another extreme is to not include credible citations. Yes, you may and should have your personal opinion on the question. Yet, without proper supporting evidence, you don't sound convincing at all.
5. Too much political correctness. The attempts to avoid extremes can make you fall between two stools. For instance, instead of writing that "The change management had certain implications for the company", you'd better write that "The change management had a negative impact on the company's performance and decreased its revenue by 14%."

Good luck with your business essays!

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