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February 7, 2020 - Business News > Management & Finance
Top Canadian Standing Desks Manufacturers

Standing desks are growing in popularity. They have been developed just a couple of years ago, but nowadays, they are being applied in most offices that care about the health of their workers. Canada is not an exception. Moreover, Canada has its own standing desks manufacturers that supply to the market high-quality innovative solutions.

Progressive Desk

This is one of the leading Canadian standing desks manufacturers that provides top-quality solutions for home and office. The official website is available here: manufacturer transforms a traditional workspace into an ergonomic and healthy space to enjoy your work.

Customized solutions are designed to comply with the needs of each customer. The company provides 8 years of warranty for each product. The same day shipping is guaranteed, and shipping to any location in Canada and 48 States of the USA is free.

Prime Cables

Prime Cables is one more standing and adjustable desks manufacturer that deserves your attention. Their ergonomic solutions transform office environment into a healthy space that helps to be more efficient.

The manufacturer has warehouses in Quebec and Montreal, which allows the company serve the customers more efficiently. Free shipping to all parts of Canada except remote locations is provided.

Rocky Mountain Desk

This is a truly Canadian company that provides ergonomic solutions for office and home. Adjustable desks provide the top level of comfort and increase the efficiency of office work.

The company offers a free UPS shipping to most locations of the country except remote territories. Return is possible within 30 days from the date when the product was received.

The company provides 5 years of limited warranty to all of its products.


Anthrodesk is a pure Canadian standing desk developer and manufacturer. The company ships orders for free in Canada. No additional charges, fees, etc. are applied.

The company has several warehouses which allows fast and hassle-free shipping on most orders. Usually, the customer gets an order within a week. Special terms apply to the shipping to remote territories.

Any order can be returned and fully refunded within 30 days from the delivery date. Shipping fees are not refunded if the order arrived undamaged.

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