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April 15, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
Presenting Yourself Through A Business School Essay

A business school essay could be a competitive essay written by students to gain admission to a desired college. Admission committees seek to learn more about prospective candidates through their essays. The topics offered provide students an opportunity to stake their claim for a seat, while the committee gets to know whether a candidate should be given admission. Some of the topics itself would suggest that students need to highlight achievements, personality traits, personal experiences, goal and aspirations. These are valuable inputs that assessors look for in an essay to determine the right candidate.

The right approach to tackling a business essay would be preparing to write on topics like “Your three most important accomplishments till date,” “What are your goals and how would you achieve them,” or “How would you present yourself to other students in your business school class and why?” These are topics related to characteristics observed in students.

Many students find it difficult to present themselves to a new class probably full of international students from different countries. The most common approach would be to use first person and talk to them through the essay. Though this approach is good when actually interacting with a fellow student, assessors would not be impressed by it. They need to know why you should be selected over others. Strong unique reasons would have to be thought of.

1. Highlight your strong points and attributes that have allowed you to excel in the undergraduate program. This is a definitive approach that could be backed by suitable examples and personal experiences. The same approach could be used to excel in a business school program.

2. To allow other students to know you better, highlight achievements in other spheres of life like sports, extracurricular activities, social service, and adaptability to other fields through summer job assignments. Business professionals are adaptable and would be able to fit into any learning platform. It is important to project this trait to other students through the business school essay.

3. Students look up to leaders who have a proven record of achievements and skills for writing my essays. Even a hint at having achieved positive results earlier for a topic covered in the curriculum would help your cause.

There is a choice of questions that need to be answered by students. Some like to answer questions related to achievements, as they have many they could list and elaborate upon in their essays. Those with fewer achievements outside of academics find answering general questions about career goals and aspirations a better option. It offers them an even chance to match up to the expectations of assessors in terms of linking their career goals with the study program. If you have already chosen your career path, revealing the direction that a business school program would afford would be a good place to start answering the question.

The true test of answering a business question is when you have to predict your future in tangible terms that is both logical and demonstrates ability to think far ahead in time. The process also would indicate the one true quality in a business professional, foresight.

Finally, the MBA essay editing process should be complete in every sense. Grammatical and sentence structure errors would reflect poorly on a student's capability of writing an effective business school essay.

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