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October 31, 2018 - Advice and Strategy > Information Technology
Blackjack History

Poker and slot machines have always been associated with America and an invent of Americans, but games like roulette and blackjack are French casino games. The oldest edition of Blackjack's Harks evolved from France and is called essentially Wing-et-un, which means in French a twenty.

After a century, the game was brought to Canada and the United States by the French immigrants and made a clear position in the casinos at the beginning of the twentieth century.

And despite the fact that there is no Blackjack at my favorite casino site this will not prevent me from devoting my article to this most interesting game.


Although the game has great fame in Europe, but in states it took a long time to gain popularity, and there were few rules that were changed in favor of the players, 10/1 bonus pay was added if the spade was drawn with spade esser. The game made history and earned tremendous popularity like blackjack. In 1930, the game earned a big rush in Nevada, and it was clear with the games legalization. Also in Las Vegas, he supported gratitude and became one of the most enduring games.

The growth of Blackjack

Blackjack has gained the attention of statisticians, and in the year 1950 the game came out with better odds than ever before. During that time, the statistics team came up with the article, The 4 riders titled "The optimal strategy in a blackjack". The theory was derived from the likelihood and arithmetic of deciding which player in blackjack to succeed. Although there was not much influence on the stage of a blackjack game, the strategies for "Blackjack's basic strategy" gave the basis for the game.

Edward Thorp is the person whose idea and strategy was recognized most. In 1962 he entered the book "Beat the Dealer". It was about car counting strategy in the game blackjack. The idea and mind of the book not only earned fame, but casinos themselves cast their rules to change the odds. Even different deck games and shuffling machines were introduced which made the card count complicated.

Computers and its contributions, however, electrified the blackjack and its strageies. Following as an employee of IBM Julian Braun came in with the book how to play a winning blackjack that was the expansion of theories about Four Horsemen & Thorp. Blackjack rules and strategies developed with computers and games were even more refined with different strategies and simulations.

Online Blackjack Revives

Until 1990, the game Blackjack was limited with the use of Strategy Platform, players needed to remember the chart, but revival occurred later when the online blackjack game came in with the maps that were attached, making it easy for players to refer to the chart while playing the game blackjack online. It was also an effective move to win the popularity of the casino game world.

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