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May 23, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
10 Best Suited Strategies For Bathroom Renovation

Have you ever thought about renovating your bathroom to make it comfortable as well as stylish, along with lasting values of amenities? If your answer is yes then you have landed at the correct place!

A midrange bathroom renovation in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne is a type of solid investment. So, remodeling a bathroom with a national median cost of $20,000 will recover you about 50% of those costs when you sell your home.

However, if you are looking for the best strategies to renovate your bathroom then have a look at these:

  • Think about the Function First: A bathroom is like a kitchen which is one of the frequently-used working spaces in the home. If it is not functional then everyone will suffer. Consider all of its function in mind while choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet, and other pieces.

  • Make it Relaxing: A bathroom isn't a place about the functionality, it can be a spa-like space where you can relax and wash off all the stress of the day.

  • Mark Your Space: For a bathroom, plumbing considerations will also impact where you place the shower, toilet, and tub. In this case, you need to think like an engineer while designing your floor plan. Walk around with your contractor and imagine the tasks required to get ready for the day. You can also consider the length of your arm's reach. Do you want to store objects in vanity and if so, would you mind bending over to retrieve them? For your convenience, the daily objects that you use the most should be closest at hand.

  • Plan for Luxuries: With a little clever planning, consider what other functions you can incorporate into your bathroom. Perhaps you would like a seat in the shower, a steam room or built-in storage.

  • Choose your Pattern: How do you want to feel when you are in the bathroom? If it is a formal space then consider a black and white scheme or try a more casual area then try neutrals. So, the pattern here is often water oriented like some fish themed powder room. You can also use seashells, boats, piers, blue hues, and many more.

  • Reflect your Style: However, water-based themes aren't the only option, you should think outside the box. So, choose a motive that relates to the area in which you live or a style of architecture you love or a style that you are personally attached to. If budget is your problem then you can contact Renobuild Bathrooms which will provide your bathroom renovation Melbourne in a budget. 

  • Know the Surface: When you are selecting products for the bath such as tiles or flooring then make sure you know their inherent qualities and the drawbacks of each material. Also, remember that shiny floors may become slippery while natural materials may have a pitted surface that may be slip-resistant but may collect dirt.

  • Add Drama: Fixtures are the jewels of the bathroom as they are made of metal and can add a drama to space. While there is a range of finishes and styles that you can choose from including brass and bronze. Keep in mind about your motive and choose according to because gold fixtures won't go with the beach inspired bathroom.

  • Be Wise While Choosing Lights: Choosing the correct lighting is very crucial in the bathroom as there are mirrors. Again, choose light fixtures that blend with your style and motif of the bathroom.

  • Add a Special Touch: Adding plants and greenery to the bathroom will help you feel like you are in a garden. It will also help you to create a connection between mother nature and your living space.

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