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March 20, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Legal
Executing Search Warrants In The Cloud: Does It Make Things Easier?

With the passage of time, the advent of computers and the advancing technology has changed everything. Even a great deal of evidence is also in digital format. This change was adopted due to the reason that evidence came in two forms- it can be in a physical form like documents or papers or it could be in the form of testimony from the person who has witnessed a crime.

This is why using cloud warrant application has made it easy to collect evidence by keeping up with the technology. When it comes to law enforcing, even the officers are becoming skilled and finding as well as collecting digital evidence on computers and smartphones. Talking about the current scenario, both law enforcement, and the legal system faces a new challenge.

Technology also requires the investigators to change their methods from passive searches and adopt new model focused more on live recovery. Let us understand this in detail

  • Digital evidence

Digital evidence has shown a lot of impacts recently. From GPS that helps to track down criminals to trailing kidnapping victims via voice calls, emails or chat messages. All this is possible due to the power of digital evidence. Investigators rely on such pieces of evidence to a very great extent. USB devices, computer and cell phones are considered as digital evidence.

These devices can help in tracking down a specific location of the data and help in obtaining it and seizing it. This helps in analyzing the idea and gaining more information as well.

  • The twofold problem

When the execution of law enforcement in a cloud-computing environment happens, it presents a two-fold problem. The first one is that any data that is pertaining to a computer will be found in a single geographic location. The second one being, even if the data is derived it is not in a format that is understandable by a human reader. This is due to the fact that a lot of judges do not have the understanding of digital evidence and how cloud warrant application works.

Cloud warrant application legalizes the authorities to arrest or search in someone's premises. The main reason why it is highly preferred is because of its nature of being travel-friendly. It can be printed at various locations as and when the authorities need it. This, as a result, eliminates the need to travel all the way to the detention center every time the authorities need a search warrant. These paperless warrants are legal to be used during various crimes such as hate crimes, violence and gang violence.

However, some companies also store behind the scene data on servers that are located somewhere else on the network. The E-mails are stored on an e-mail exchange server and the important documents and pictures are saved on another server. On the other hand, the applications and software are saved on yet another server.

A lot of investigators also use legal processing according to the laws of the respective country. In one of the many cases, investigators in the US were also able to see that there is a direct link of the data with a foreign country. This could help the investigators to find whether the case has any links to a foreign country or not. Under such circumstances, the data that is received can be seized with the help of appropriate legal authority.

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