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December 11, 2017 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
How Nanoscience Contributes To Advances In Health Science

Nanoscience integrates nanotechnology with branches of study including health and environmental science, with significant and growing contributions toward advancements in modern healthcare. Products like Metadichol nano spray – designed to promote a better, healthier immune system – have brought revolutionary change in the world of health science to augment how we approach health problems of yesterday and today.

Though difficult to imagine how small nanotechnology can engineer a material, the following examples may help provide some context:

- An inch contains 25,400,000 (25.4 million) nanometers.

- A sheet of newspaper is as thick as 100,000 nanometers.

- A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers.

Nanoparticles have a uniquely tiny molecular structure and configuration that is made of cell membranes and lipoproteins. Research shows us that these molecules can impact human health and immunity both thoroughly and profoundly. In other words, this type of science can make positive improvements in quality of life once previously thought to be difficult or impossible.

These nanoparticles have a direct connection with the human body and therefore have massive implications in health and medicinal science. The greatest issue with conventional medicine is its inability to target the proper molecules in a specific internal organ. The result is a side effect, virtually a given when it comes to any medicine you take to recover from illness or injury.

For medicines that claim no side effects, it typically takes a long time to turn around a disease or health issue – if ever. The primary challenge in modern medicine is targeting and stimulating certain tissues in the brain and immune system that promote proper communication to the body to help it heal. With the help of nanoscience, it becomes infinitely easier to address a problem from the cellular level.

So how do we achieve this? The answer is in a simple, genius spray – an innovative idea and patented product introduced by Nano-Ojas, Inc. ( If you are tired of experimenting with several ineffective products in search of the right solution to your health problem, it's time to consider a safer, more advanced solution: a nano immune spray.

Most of our health and wellness relies on the capability and integrity of our immune system, and as such, it is crucial to keep immunity up to speed for healthy living. Nano immune spray acts on VDR, or vitamin D receptors, which play a vital role in functioning and regulating the body's systems. A few of the benefits offered by this immune spray are as follows:

- Supports optimal health function at the cellular level

- Increases energy and longevity

- Increases serum vitamin C

- Works as a natural substitute for vitamin D

- Restores and repairs damaged blood vessels and scar tissue

- Corrects immune system imbalances to optimize health

- Promotes healthy blood circulation and joint comfort

There is much more to gain from this revolutionary nano formula – a product substantially different from anything you have ever seen or tried. The formula is a result of decades of disciplined research in food, medicine, and nanotechnology. The core function of the immune spray is to reach the nuclear receptors that exist within billions of cells. Once there, the nanoparticles promote an innate immune response that influence a positive change within the exact tissue in your body that is damaged or needs repaired.

For even greater peace of mind, the spray is all-natural and free of ingredients like sugar, egg, fish, gluten, dairy, peanut, fish, and yeast, and also does not contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. Clinically studied and tested for potency and purity, the spray is safe to use on anyone of any age and with any condition.

Aside from being made with nanoscience to deliver powerful results, its greatest advantage over ordinary supplements is that it does not require any food or water intake to be consumed. Just a spray and you're on your way to quickly solving minor to complicated health issues. As we seek more meaningful solutions that are natural, non-habit forming, and devoid of harmful chemicals, make the decision to upgrade your health formula. Opt for Nano-Ojas® to deliver pure, potent, and effective health care suitable for the entire family.

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