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April 17, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
Improvements That You Can Make For Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Everyone knows that a renovated bathroom adds value to your home, updates the style and even makes it better adapted to your current needs. Renovations are the best as they introduce new improvements and will serve you and your family for years to come.

If you are going to spend too much on bathroom renovations in Frankston then consider making one or more of these changes to improve the functionality, storage, and comfort of your bathroom.

Hidden Tank Toilet

There are many benefits of a hidden tank toilet. If you were to replace the toilet in your bathroom renovation then you should choose this type of toilet. Moreover, hidden-tank toilets will also save you some space. There are even low-flow models available which will also save water every time you flush.

It is also a smart choice for you as it increases the value of your home remodeling. Hidden tank toilets are appropriate for all the bathroom styles but also fits well in modern and contemporary decors.

Textured Tiles on the Shower

When you are thinking to replace your shower tiles, you will have tons of flooring, wall and tile choices to make during your bathroom remodel. While the most important factor here is safety.

You can choose a small and textured shower tile. The texture on the tiles will provide you with extra grip and will keep your feet from slipping. Nowadays, bathroom tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Further, these tiles also resist mold, humidity, and stains.

Tiles also give you many styles and decor possibilities. You can also mix and match different patterns and colors for maximum visual impact.

2-Inch Plumbing

2-inch plumbing might be a small and impossible improvement but will make a big difference in the functionality of your bathroom. Typical plumbing use 1.5 inches pipes for the bathroom because of that the pipes usually clogs easily especially with several family members using the shower or bath.

On the other hand, installing 2-inch pipes instead of 1.5 will cost you the same but will dramatically improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom.


People nowadays add a bathtub to their bathrooms just because they feel they “should”. The truth is a bathtub is not always a necessity especially if you never take baths.

Even though the remodel might help you to sell your home in the future but you should consider how you are going to use the room for the next few years. If you really love bathtubs then you should definitely consider it to your remodel. While if you take around 5-7 baths a year, maybe it is better to just get a large shower.

However, if you have got a huge space then you can consider both but if you have to choose one then you should think about the functionality of both, choose wisely.

Medicine Cabinet

In case if you are need of more storage space and sleeker look then a recessed medicine cabinet will there for your rescue. Although, if you install it a few inches inside the wall then you could save yourself some needed space and make your bathroom look sleeker and modern as well.

While the wall framing will also be affordable in the grand scheme of full bathroom renovations in Brighton. This will be especially useful when your vanity is on the shallower side. That means you will give yourself extra space to bend over and use the sink by using the recess in the wall. Fewer worries about banging your head on the edge of the mirror.

Improved Lighting

A bathroom is one of the places where access to natural light is very low, hence the need for excellent lighting is needed. As you plan your bathroom remodeling, consider changing or adding lights that improve the functionality and mood of the space.

The first thing you can do is install a dimmer for the main lights. This dimmer will help you to set your mood when you are in the bath. Moreover, you can also add recessed light fixtures around the mirror to give you the best lighting possible.

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