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March 14, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Communications & Marketing
Moveable Billboards- An Eye-Popping Advertisement Technique!

Every person behind an advertising business would know about the importance of advertising and the best forms of advertising. The digital out-of-household marketing (DOOH) industry is predicted to increase to 4.08 billion by 2018, which is directing major ad agencies racing to convert old motionless billboards into new LED screens. Melbourne, a city where one can find a lot of advertising, hoardings, and banners around them. A place is full of advertising, publicity, and promotion.

Billboard advertising, one of the famous advertising method and could actively work as on large format media posters. It targets a larger number of audience and campaigns. Also, there are many types of billboard advertising like a mobile billboard, scooter billboard and even walking billboard. One of the most popular outdoor advertising in Melbourne is mobile billboards advertising, it is the highest paid and successful billboard advertising.

About billboards of Melbourne:

Today, these Mobile Billboards Melbourne offer one of the most multipurpose advertising mediums. The advertising creative is viewable from every angle which makes it tremendously effective in traffic or when located in a fixed location with a large crowd around. These billboards can broadcast audio and hand out flyers/promo materials and offer the advertising space of static Supersite. The billboards are large ample to be read from a long way away and are 54% more operational than fixed billboards.

Benefits of mobile billboards:

  • It is a cost-effective method of advertising and better than using a motionless billboard. One of the resourceful form of advertisement which fits into budgets.

  • Helps to promote the product or service thru reaching out to the targeted audience. As vehicles are constantly driven and spread the messages in neighborhoods and crowded places.

  • There's more right to control over the campaign of an ad. One can easily track down their billboards. It's easier and gets in control about the content being presented to the customers.

  • People can easily recall the messages and offers provided by the firm. As the viewers can not only know about the advertisement but can know about the exact location of it.

How to create these billboards?

Before calling around for mobile advertising, know about the content being presented in front of your audience. The message should be clear, short and understandable at glance. The shorter the message, the more the attention. As billboards are in motion, one needs to have largely sized texts and clear images. The colors should attract people attention. It should be straight to the point of the ad.

Mobile billboards are the best form of ads for a new and growing business. Start off the method slowly and afterward one can expand the number of billboards they want. Know about the growth of the business through this method and whether your audience is getting aware of your product/service or not. If yes, one can expand on ongoing success.

Firm to get your product's advertising?

STT Advertising, Australia based company with more than 10 years of experience and more than 120 vehicles across Australia. One of the largest networks in Australia for mobile advertising suppliers specializes in walking billboard advertising, scooter billboard advertising, truck advertising, and mobile advertising. The company which helps to cover all of your mobile advertising needs and desires.

Also, the company provides you reporting of movement of your advertisement. Providing with the campaign photos throughout the activity. At the end of a campaign, there's a word called “post-campaign report” which will be prepared which includes the covered areas on the map, targeted points, audience feedback and the improvement for future campaigns. So, it's a one-stop place for your advertisement desires!

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