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November 26, 2018 - Advice and Strategy > Information Technology
SMS Verification And Authorization Services

Phone verification includes sending a one-time password (OTP) to the phone. It is mandatory for the user to prove that they have access to the OTP which verifies the authentic identity of the user. Fight with the fraud before it frights! Validate the users via SMS and Voice using the phone verification API.

Best phone verification API includes:

Deliverability of OTP irrespective of users

Enhancing the probability that the user effectively proves that they have access to the OTP

‘Low-priced' from the perspective of user lifetime value (LTV), fraud, and maintenance cost.

Studies show that different providers are at their best in different geographic regions as far as OTP deliverability through SMS is concerned. Thus, a provider that can combine and utilize all providers and can constantly measure the best provider routes to be used for deliverability in eachthe winnerll be the winner. RingCaptcha incorporates more than 5 different provider.

However, deliverability of OTP itself is only half of the phone verification API; the other portion, known as phone verification conversion rate, which involves getting the user to successfully prove that they are in a possession of the OTP. Enhancing conversion rate requires a universal solution.

However, the cheapest phone verification APIs are usually not low-priced when you consider that poor deliverability results in loss of potential customers, who has a high lifetime value compared to the cost of a reliable phone verification API. Some phone verification APIs, like Ring Captcha's also provide protection against fraud and lowers maintenance cost from the time when a single API call to request OTP has all these built into it.

Verify is a secure, cloud-based API designed to allow organizations to reach the market in least possible time while reducing costs. It verifies a user's phone number and their right to use method by challenging them with a code-based verification sent to their phone number. Based on the number and the country code verification, it becomes accustomed to determine which verification method works best – SMS or Voice call. If the first verification fails, Verify retries twice, choosing the best network for verification for each retry. This make the best use of the opportunity for a user to verify themselves. Most clients are able to implement the API in a couple of hours using the documentation. With a strong implementation, Verification delivers at any place between 10% to 25% uplift in global conversion average. Essentially, since customers only pay upon conversion, it helps customers have complete predictability around costs and minimize their verification costs.

Operating verification codes sent by SMS to mobile phone numbers is the most secure alternative, it is easy to set it up. SMS confirmation Service is a reasonably priced yet highly reliable and convenient way to increase organizational security, as well as peace of mind.

The Benefits of Using an SMS Platform for an Individual Verification:

Decreased security breaches

Reduced numbers of unauthorized access to data and software applications

Increased trust and engagement through confidential discussions

Improved control of who has access to sensitive information and materials

Increased awareness of which people or groups are in a definite location at any given time

However, in order to protect both customers and their business, most organizations will relate to the requirement for establishing trust and ensuring reach with their customers. Both Trust and Reach depend on the ability to establish an open identity for the transaction. Thus, a phone-based user verification solution decides almost all trust and reach issues that businesses face today. Thus, SMS messages offer a quick and convenient way to confirm a user's identity before going on with the task on hand.

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