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December 27, 2018 - Advice and Strategy > Legal
Working In America – What Visa Can You Apply For?

America is considered to be a land of many opportunities. Having a population of many races and cultures, America is a home for many immigrants that fly in every year. The process of immigration is different for every country and so is the case for America. A benefit of working in America is that apart from opportunities, you'll always find it easy to blend in with the community. When you apply for American visa, it turns out to be a Herculean task for first timers. Getting guidance for the right type of visa for yourself is very important as a wrong choice may prove to be time to consume and cost you a great deal of money. Let's have a look at some common visa you can apply for.


If you want to apply for US work visa but you don't know where to start, you've landed on the right page. People of all nationalities can come to work in America either as immigrants of nonimmigrants. There are various arrangements for the same; some are temporary while some are for a longer term. This is where professional consultants like E3Infotech come as a lifesaver who help to find the right job in the USA and offer visa guidance. 

A visa process applicable to Australian citizens only who hold a valid job offer by an American company. This category is applicable to selected professionals like lawyers, nurses, computer engineers, architects, medical professionals, and many others. This is a nonimmigrant work visa and one needs to find the right employer who sponsors E3 applications. Negotiating for a handsome package and other benefits is what usually follows between the employer and the applicant. This visa has limited validity and can be renewed or can be converted to H1B visa.

Specialty work visa - H1B

American companies have the provision to recruit foreign nationals with a specific profession, mostly similar to the E3 visa like teachers, doctors, engineers, etc. Employers in America will have to file for H1B visa for such professionals who will benefit the country with the skills. Again, from a foreign national's perspective, finding such employers can be very difficult. This visa only grants entry as temporary workers but can also be converted to a green card after a stipulated time frame and if all the other conditions are met. There is a limited window to apply for this visa as the American immigration only accepts a limited number of applications for H1B visa every year.

Extraordinary ability worker visa - O1

Another nonimmigrant US work visa that enables foreign individuals to apply who possess extraordinary skills in fields like art, television, sports, business, science or education. The applicant must also be able to prove that by providing supporting documents and having received a national or international award in the field of employment.

The above are some of the visas that enable a foreign applicant to work in the USA. When you apply for an American visa, it is advisable to consult your immigration lawyer or take help of experienced immigration consultants or hum resource consultants that are expert in finding job offers in America for foreign nationals. Apart from work visa, one can also apply for B1 visa that is single or multiple entries for individuals visiting America for business purposes only like meetings, negotiations, etc. An immigrant visa can be applied for with supporting documentation and only after meeting the set conditions laid over the US immigration department.

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