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May 8, 2020 - Business News > Other Categories
It is popular because it is safe and easy to insert or remove

Gold is known for adding sparkle to any outfit. To enhance the sparkle and shine of gold earrings, wear them in neutral colors. Little classic black dresses and flimsy white fashion can be taken to a whole new level with a pair of amazing gold earrings 925 silver bracelet mens . The color of the jewelery matches well with the gold. Choose a darker gem shade like burgundy, emerald green, deep blue, or purple. Wearing these colors can cause gold jewelry to fall off the page. This does not mean that this metal cannot complement pastel shades and other relaxing shades. If you want to combine gold earrings with soft colors and styles, choose delicate designs like gold wire or fine studs.

Select your face shape here and see which shape best suits your earrings.
Inverted triangle
If the forehead is the widest part of the face, and the cone of the chin is sharp, the shape of the face is an inverted triangle. This shape resembles a heart-shaped face, with the difference that the heart shape is short and generally has a widowed mountain. To balance the face shape of the inverted triangle, choose earrings that don't over-emphasize the broad forehead and create the illusion of the width of the chin line. Chandeliers and earrings are suitable.

Oval face
Is your face oval like an egg? It can be worn in any shape, but the triangular earrings and simple studs accentuate the beautiful cheekbones.

Round face
If the face is round, that is, it has the widest cheekbones and is not chin-shaped, the face is round. Drops and dangling earrings make your face look long and slim. Avoid large round earrings, hoops, or buttons that only emphasize roundness. Also, stay away from the earrings with the hanging round disk. Due to roundness, the face is rounded

Heart shaped face
If the forehead is wider than the cheeks and the lower half of the face is thin as a heart, then it is a heart-shaped face. In this case, you need to complement your sharp chin with chandeliers or drop earrings. Wider at the bottom than at the top, the earrings help fill the bottom of the face and balance the face.

The most common reverse of earrings is reverse. Also called backward butterfly or backward friction. It is popular because it is safe and easy to insert or remove.

Some earring lovers prefer a screwed back. The back of the screw is thick in diameter and is the safest choice for earrings. If you or your loved one are concerned about falling diamond bolts, screw bottoms are the best option. For those who don't wear it often, inserting and removing threaded earrings can be very painful and can take a little longer. Watch out for sensitive earlobes!

The last part of our style advice is to do it on the user. Pay close attention to skin color, hair color, ear size, and face ratio to see which carat weight ofa cross necklace gold, diamond shape, and settings are best for you. The advantage of such versatility of wearing diamond earrings is that it can be easily customized to suit everyone's personal style, so guide it.

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