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February 23, 2019 - Business News > Information Technology
5 Latest Technology Apps to Grace Your Mobile Device

Obviously, tech-lovers enjoy reading the greatest and latest technology app releases so that they don't miss out on the trending vogue. As a result, someone has to be doing the update and reviews – and that someone has to be us, here!

So today, we have compiled a list of the latest and trending tech apps for Android and iPhone mobile users to help them stay on top of the latest happening in app development industry:

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone is a trending tech app device that is use for tracking iOS device application in a bid to find, locate and protect all the user important data. This app requires users to log in their Apple ID — the one register on iCloud — so has to enhance Find My iPhone app to perform it duties of finding and protecting data of a missing device.

One of the highly sough app that work both on Android and iOS is feedly. This app interface is very simple to navigate and at the same time it is responsible for consolidating all the users favorite feeds in just one place.

Restore Contacts Apps
This is a trending Android app that help users to recover all their lost contacts. In case you mistakenly deleted some of your needed contacts, Restore Contact App will be useful in retrieving them back.

As it the name implies, In short is an app responsible for bringing local and foreign news into your hearing in nothing more than 60-words format. This app function efficiently on Android, iOS devices.

This top notch list of latest and trending technology app will be incomplete without the able mentioning of Engadget. This Engadget app works freely on Android and iOS device. It provides it users with series of reviews, research, news etc. from the realm of electronics gadget.

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