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February 14, 2020 - Business News > Information Technology
What Can I Hire a Freelancer For?

As the global workforce moves away from the traditional salary-person, single work environment concept that has dominated how we think about a career for the last century, more and more people are embracing the so-called ‘gig economy' and working as independent freelancers.

According to the reputable Harvard Business Review, around 150 million workers in North America and Western Europe now operate entirely as freelance contractors. This number is only expected to rise as, by 2020, 36% of the workforce in the US is expected to be working on an independent contract basis, as stated by influential American business magazine, Forbes.

With this many freelancers coming onto the market and making a living through the gig economy, it is clear that hiring a freelancer is an effective way of getting a job done.

The gig economy is largely split into two sections; knowledge-based, such as consultancy or computer programming, and service-based work, like delivery people and builders.

In this article, we'll be digging into the most common jobs in both of these sections and looking at exactly what you can hire a freelancer for.

Builders and Tradespeople

Builders, plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople are, in many ways, the originators of the freelance job market. According to the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, most construction companies are wholly owned and many companies who supply tradespeople have them under contract, rather than as full-time employees.

When you hire a builder to add an extension to your house, a plumber to fix your sink, or an electrician to wire up a new room, you are almost certainly hiring a freelancer.

Content Creation

With most of us getting our news, reviews, shopping, social media contacts, job opportunities, training and a host of other content from the internet, the need for competent content creators has skyrocketed.
Everything from articles to website design can be done by freelance workers and has the added benefit of being able to work with the content creator directly, rather than through the blockage of middle management at a content farm.

Freelancers can be hired to create content, upload the content to your website or blog, market that content through their own social media profiles, and even translate content into several different languages.

Computer Programming

Most businesses these days need a digital presence; however, hiring a team of in-house programmers and providing them with the required infrastructure can be cost-prohibitive, especially for a small to medium business or startup.

In this case, hiring a team of freelance programmers, who usually have their own equipment, can be a viable alternative.

Freelance programmers can be hired for a huge range of tasks, most of which are vital to the back end of web-based business. If you don't have the skills in house, you can hire a programmer to cover everything from frontpage design to the nuts and bolts of your website.

With the entertainment industry growing really fast nowadays, one of the most common forms of software architecture that freelance programmers are hired to create is a random number generation (RNG) system for gaming websites. While this might sound simple on the face of it, RNG is used to power a huge number of online games, with the most common being casino-style games.

To replicate that randomization of drawing from a deck of shuffled cards, rolling dice, or playing roulette or slots, several random number generators are often used in sequence to produce truly random results.

Different companies already use this system for their players to trust the fairness of their website. Some make their online slots fair and consistent by offering an effective random number generator that ensures games of chance are totally random.
Creating and interlinking a series of random number generators is a specialized job, but it only really needs to be done once, which is why getting a freelance programmer to do it makes more sense than hiring one full time.

Administrative Assistants

Small and medium businesses often don't have the budget, or even the space, to take on administrative assistants, even when the workload would be better managed by having one.

Thankfully, in the age of digital working, being an administrative assistant no longer means being in an office and filing papers. All the normal office work can be done over work-sharing apps like Slack and Google Docs.

Admin assistants can do a huge range of clerical tasks, from basic administration to more specialized tasks, such as diary management, the scheduling of B2B appointments and meetings, and even handling the administrative side of buying and selling property.

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