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July 9, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Management & Finance
Blogmutt: Where Freelance Writers And Quality Blog Content Meet

Probably one of the best descriptions of the Blogmutt business blogging service can be found in a blog post written by Phil Singleton, CEO Kansas City Website Design, at and – “Blogmutt relies on the skills of expert bloggers who know how to balance subject matter with SEO. That means one less thing keeping me awake at night.” This Boulder, CO based crowdsourced blog writing service is quickly becoming a leader in helping small and large businesses fill their blogs with quality original content. So, just what makes this content writing service different from all the others?

Blogmutt is the third successful startup for founders Scott Yates and Wade Green. The site was released in beta in August 2011 and has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. Scott is an award-winning journalist and Wade brings the technical expertise to make everything work properly. So, why would a company name themselves after a dog? Well, we're not quite sure, but there is an interesting tale of the beginning on their blog.

The company began as an answer to the call for help from both small and large businesses. Most business owners realize they need a company website, but most of them also understand that just having a website isn't enough anymore. Websites grow stale in their content and often business owners don't even know the last time they were updated. They read about blogs and even though most feel they need one, they don't understand how to write quality content or just don't have the time to write posts on a consistent basis. Just as businesses hire someone to do their taxes, they can now hire someone to keep their blogs filled with quality content.

Blogmutt business blogging service

How Can Blogmutt Give Your Business More Personality?

As a business owner, you already know the importance of having a fantastic business website. Everyone else has one, right? If you have a 100 page website, you understand how difficult it is to keep these pages current. If it isn't current the major search engines, like Google or Bing don't like it and will not give your site a decent position in search results. Since potential customers are using search engines to look for information on products and services, your website is only useful if people can find it.
Blogging is probably the most practical and cost-effective way of getting your message to consumers. It's just hard to tell your potential customers all that you want to tell them in a website, but that's not the case with a blog. Let's look at some of the common characteristics of a successful business blog:

Dynamic Content to Grab Attention Quickly – Would it surprise you to know that the most important part of a blog post is the title? It's kind of like reading a newspaper. If you see a headline that really grabs your attention, chances are you will read the article. A blog title acts the same way. If blog visitors don't see anything of particular interest in the title, the post is of little value. Many experienced blog writers spend a lot of time in designing those first few words and many change the title several times before they are satisfied. The title is usually the only thing people will see in your tweets and other social media.
Blog content must be current, with just the right amount of the right keywords sprinkled in just the right spots. Writing quality content sometimes requires research to deliver content in a way that is not only informative, but easily understandable. Blog writing requires time, patience and commitment.

Provide Consumers Information – It is true that quality content marketing is slowly replacing traditional forms of advertising. Advertising only gets attention for a little while, but quality content can leave a long-lasting impression. When consumers are searching online they are looking for answers to questions or information to help them make better buying decisions.
Search Engine Friendly – Major search engines have made it quite clear that they only want to list high quality websites and blogs at the top of their search results. Quality content is being defined in terms like relevant, informative, original, and current. By posting to your blog on a consistent basis, you can not only give consumers what they are looking for, but you can better optimize it for the best search results.
You must fill your blog with quality content in order to properly build your brand and promote your products and services. Delivering content on a consistent basis is the hard part of blogging. This is where the services of Blogmutt come to your rescue. You choose the topic to write about and they do the rest. The service is very easy to use and once you buy a post, you own it. Blogmutt writes content for companies around the globe, so in many cases blogs are being built while the business owner sleeps. It just can't get much better than that.

Could Blogmutt Be Your Best Freelance Content Writing Opportunity?

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of content writing services looking for freelance writers. The question is – How do you choose the writing service that's best for you? Let's look at some of the benefits of becoming a Blogmutt writer:

Decent Income - The Blogmutt platform wasn't designed for full-time freelance writers, even though there are some on board. You earn $8 for every blog post a customer buys. Now, that may not sound like much money for writing a quality blog post, but if you can write just two posts per hour, that's $16 per hour. Where can you start a part-time job for this hourly pay? Since you establish your own writing goals, you also determine your own potential income.
Freedom to Write – You choose the customers, the topics, the time you write, and the amount of posts you write. There are no deadlines or quotas. You create the post title from keywords that have been selected by the individual customer and then you have total control over writing the content of the post. It is important to understand that all content you write must be original content. If the content is published anywhere on the Internet, you can't use it on Blogmutt.
Competition – As different writers are creating posts for the same customer, they are placed in that customer's queue. Let's assume that your post is placed in the third position of the queue. Once the customer reviews the posts and likes your post better than the others, the customer can bump your post to the top position. This means that your post will be the next one the customer buys.
Open Communication - You have a direct line of communication with Scott Yates, CEO. This is totally unheard of in most businesses today. If you have a particular problem with a customer, a post, or just want to make a recommendation to improve the Blogmutt community, Scott will listen and give you his expert advice.
Support and Motivation - There is probably no other forum in existence that compares to the “Mutt Forum”. As soon as you write your first post you will have access to what is affectionately known as “the pound”. It's kind of like sitting around your favorite coffee shop and hashing out the events of your day. This is the place to ask questions. Questions about practically anything. You will get the motivation to write and you may even find a challenge or two.
The content writing opportunity available at Blogmutt is not for everyone. It is a more relaxed place to write for those who may be stay-at-home-moms or dads, retired, physically challenged, college students paying their own way, or those who love to write and want to always get better. If you don't take the time to at least check it out, you may be passing up the opportunity you've been trying to find.

So, whether you want your blog written while you sleep or you are a freelance writer looking for a place to hang your hat, Blogmutt just might be the place. Their talented team of writers seem to be committed to delivering the best web content available anywhere. Like they say – “We Work Like A Dog To Fill Up Your Blog”.

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