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April 16, 2019 - Business News > Information Technology
5 inch Cutepad Q5 GPS Android 2.3 Built in 3G Phone Call Tablet Bluetooth Dual Camera Phone PC Review

Cutepad Q5 tablet PC hits the electronic market with great influence and enormous response and set up a heat wave among electronic lovers who return to pay special attention to it. As a leading pioneer in the field of tablet PC, Cutepad Q5 tablet PC shares the virtues of many varieties in highest measure but still stays at a relatively low price which cuts off huge amounts of expense for the purse of the consumers. There used to be some voice questioning the stability of Android 2.3 operation system and holding strong opinion that Android operation system faces formidable obstacles and deep skepticism. Be that as it may, Cutepad Q5 tablet PC is endowed with advantages which few consumers could resist.

Large Memory Capacity
Cutepad Q5 tablet PC employs the most advanced technology in designing and manufacturing. For instance, it is equipped with MTK6573 650MHz center processing unit, in order to make sure the balance between price and best performance. Cutepad Q5 tablet PC has a real large memory capacity, for its ROM capacity reaches up to 256MB and RAM capacity reaches up to 512MB. All these lead to an irresistible conclusion that application and program can be launched immediately when mobile app reviewers or order is given by the user.

Shining Touch Screen
Cutepad Q5 tablet PC is endowed with 5 inch 5 points capacitive touch screen, supporting resolution ratio up to 800*480 pixels. And in addition to that, the introduce of Mali 400 GPU offers another guarantee to its excellent performance in dealing with three dimensional figures.

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