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June 22, 2018 - Business News > Management & Finance
Being a Guest and Broke: How do you Do it?

How difficult is it to be a guest while you are broke? What is the possible way out of your predicament? How should you deal with the fact that you have been invited to a close friend's home when you don't even want to spend on a Thank You gift?

You know as easy as it is to suggest that you can actually refuse the invitation altogether, let us tell you that you cannot really go on to do it in reality. So here we are! Ready with the tricks to be that perfect guest when you are broke.

What kind of Invitation is it?

To start off with, do consider the kind of invitation in the first place. Is it a party? Are you going there to spend a few days? Make sure you're acting in accordance. First of all, if you are attending a party, do go on to ask your friend what kind of a party it is. Is it a cocktail party? Or, is it a casual house warming party? Make sure you are inquiring about the nature of the party and buying a dress in accordance. Securing proper information about the party actually helps you considerably when it comes to zeroing in on a dress. You can even borrow a dress instead of buying the same. By opting for the right dress, you also make room for dismissing chances of unnecessarily spending on an expensive dress only to find out that the occasion didn't really demand the same. For instance, why exactly would you go on to invest in a shimmery LBD when you are only going to a casual party?

Some thoughtfulness is all you Need!

Invest in a thoughtful gift. Yes. You should not really end up arriving empty-handed because you don't have the required funds. Investing in a thoughtful gift would mean you are buying something less expensive yet purposeful. How about a simple hand-knit woolen? Or for that matter even an old book which your host had always wanted from you!

You don't have to spend extra for the gift as well! Cook something which your host loves. Use ingredients at your home and make sure that you are preparing something which is actually your host's favorite. All we are saying is that you don't necessarily have to go on to splurge on a gift.

Chip in!

If you are spending a few days at your host's place then consider helping them with household work. Chip in to sponsor at least small meals. Do the dishes while he or she is cooking. Volunteer to run errands and assist in other household work

What more? Offer to chip in for cooking one day as well!

So, these are just a few of the points that you need to remember while you are broke. These are the little big steps that you can always take while you are broke but are still trying to be that perfect guest. Your financial struggles don't necessarily have to impede your equation with your loved ones. Hopefully this primer has been of help.

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