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January 17, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
Six Valuable Skills To Teach Children

The Importance of a Parent's Time

The old saying is certainly true about children, "Kids are like sponges; they soak up everything." Children learn so much from adults by mimicking, watching, and following. In order for a child to grow up as productive and civil adults, they must have attention from their parents first. This is where love and teaching them comes into play. A child will always appreciate when their parents take time out for them, and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Every child is different in their own interest, but the one thing which can be said is this, they need involvement and interaction. These are just some of the ideas which parents and their children can do together to gain knowledge and have fun at the same time.


Getting children involved with outdoor recreations and sports is a great way to get close to our children and teach them about safety, the importance of exercise, and how to live life. Archery is an outdoor sport that involves the safety of weapons, interaction, hunting for food, and survival. It also teaches them how to function on their own. One way to know what is involved with archery is to look up information from stores like James River Archery which can give information on what is needed. This will give you an idea of the cost before purchasing anything. There are crossbows and regular bows that are spring loaded, along with arrows and other items to keep everything safe. The best way is to stick with the beginner bows and arrows with a target for practice before going in the woods and hunting. It is also very important to research state laws on obtaining the proper licenses.


Fishing is a great pastime and can also teach children how to catch their own food. This also gives quality time with parents and children, because there is bonding through talking with one another while waiting for the fish to bite. Excitement happens when the fish gets caught on the hook, and the feeling can be amazing, especially with the first bite.


There is no better way than camping to learn how to live in the outdoors. Since the caveman era, there is value to camping and being one with nature as a family or making those parent to child moments. Parents and children also have plenty of time to bond, and there is much to do when camping. There is cooking, hiking, campfires, fishing, and just enjoying each other's company while relaxing.

Attending Events and Festivals

With research, it is not hard to find an event or festival in and around the areas of one's location. Even for road trips by the day, weekend, or week, there can be lots of quality time to spend with the family and teach the kids about cultures, food, history, and just having fun. There are events that consist of a lot of walking which can give exercise to everyone and get the blood flowing. There are events that can be fun for the whole family such as the Armed Forces Day at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. They have shows from the American wars, equipment, and weapons from WWII dating back to the Civil War. There are lots to do for the kids and adults alike, and everyone can enjoy with a lot of memories to be had. It also shows them the lives a soldier lives, and it may be something the kids would be interested in when they grow up.


Parents who play sports with their children give their children the coordination, exercise, enthusiasm, and build the confidence they need in life. Whether attending events or playing in the backyard, this is time well spent for parents and children which neither will forget.


Whether outdoor or indoor cooking, we all have to eat. Cooking is a skill which every child should learn. It also can be something that can become a tradition for certain days of the week or just for fun. Recipes can be passed down from generation to generation along with the memories and relationships improved over time.

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