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May 21, 2020 - Advice and Strategy > Information Technology
Clickdishes Is Now Available In Tokyo For Contactless Pickup Services

To help contain the spread of COVID-19, the online restaurant sector is trying its best efforts to provide services and maintain social distancing as well.

We all know that restaurants and food businesses are not just spots to feed us, but they bring pleasure, kinship, and social gathering. The unexpected invasion of the pandemic has scrambled up the businesses and has unfolded immense stress on restaurant owners.

Restaurants' revenue is impacted hugely
Due to a lack of footfall received on the physical locations, restaurants are left with no choice but to operate on notoriously slim profit margins. On the other hand, some restaurants are facing shutdown which is a disaster for their dream business.In this havoc, contactless pickup services are helping restaurants to keep their revenue doors open.

How does contactless service is fruitful for restaurants?

It goes without saying but contactless service is a crystalline way to support both restaurants and customers. However, the question comes whether it is safe to order food in such a condition, where the virus outbreak is not stopping at all?
So you should know that restaurants are offering customers the chance to evade the infection chances through every possible means. Within this system, customers have to pre-order and pay for their meals via the app, which removes the chances of getting infection. And this does not stop here, this new model reduces person-to-person contact and exposure for both customers and the staff.

In this run, restaurants are taking extra measures to enhance hygiene practices. Here, customers don't get in touch with the delivery staff through any means, and riders notify customers on arrival through the app. They put the bag or the parcel on the ground outside the door and helps the delivery to be made. Further, it helps customers and riders to practice social distancing, with the food left safely on the doorstep. In this run, restaurants ensure to offer the safest service possible to customers.

Now, to make the contactless pickup services proved benefits across the border as well, the Canadian tech startup ClickDishes has decided to bring its services to Tokyo.

A Canadian food-tech startup is going to lift the slumped restaurant business in Japan.
Are you curious to know more???
Keep scrolling this post further to unleash the story…

What is ClickDishes?
As the name suggests, ClickDishes is an order placement and food pickup platform. It allows quick-service restaurants to offer mobile order features for their customer base. Further, it lets the customers pay via the ClickDishes App, Website, Wechat Mini App, or Alipay Mini App. With ClickDishes, customers get a seamless portal to get their orders at their doorstep, and it further encourages hassle-free, cashless, and contactless pickup experiences.

ClickDishes is expanding its wings in Tokyo!
As we know that ClickDishes, Inc., is a Canadian tech startup, offering cashless and no-contact fast-service food pickup. Now this very food-tech startup has announced its debut in Tokyo, Japan.

How this debut will affect small businesses?
The life-turning experiences caused by COVID-19, are not hidden from anyone. In such turbulence, small businesses are affected hugely by this pandemic. ClickDishes, Inc. aims to ease down the woes of these struggling restaurants. With this launch, Tokyo customers can get food from their favorite coffee shops, food courts, and food trucks. And to maintain the social distancing, they can pay through the ClickDishes App, Website, Wechat Mini App, or Alipay Mini App.

How ClickDishes is bracing up for this launch?
This portal is going to create a stir in the market, as it helps restaurants to follow the guidelines of social distancing. Now, ClickDishes is expanding the number of restaurant locations in Tokyo. It is expected that they will expand throughout the major urban areas in Japan, and will introduce 4000+ stores within the year.

Japan hosts hundreds of thousands of small restaurants and a larger chunk of the Japanese population depends on them. With the help of ClickDishes, the small-scale food courts, food trucks, and restaurants will get a platform to evolve digitally in these trying times.

The economic downturn has encouraged ClickDishes to assist Canadian restaurants as well. The company has launched the #RestaurantSupport Program in Canada. This platform provides zero fees and zero commissions for restaurant partners until the end of June.

Contactless delivery a blessing for customers
While being at self-isolation at home or practicing social distancing, users go through a lot, and with contactless food delivery, they experience peace of mind. This delivery process doesn't let drivers come into contact, touch a pen, or a scan any device.

Also, customers get the option to select contactless delivery. After ordering online, they can leave instructions, where they prefer their order to be placed. Further, they can select pre-payment and pre-tipping options, that would reduce the hand-to-hand contact.

Once the order arrives, customers get notified, and the delivery person places the box on a “safe and clean surface”.

Within this practice, rigid hygiene measures are utilized, which further ensures that packages reach their destinations safely.We have to accept this fact that we're in unprecedented times, and this has transformed the way we're all living and shopping.
Now customers prefer to be served differently, and adapting to these changes will really help in abundance.

How contactless delivery is marking a difference?
Let's accept this fact that contactless service is more about practicality, and helps in moving food from one place to another. With such service, restaurants, and other food businesses can form the fabric of meeting the demands of our regular lives.
This further continuing to support our communities, as food delivery is an immediate way to show our affection and appreciation from a distance.

Food for thought
Indeed, the vicious spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to re-evaluate our priorities very quickly. Now, more and more people are practicing self-isolation, which has surged the demand for contactless home deliveries. And online food delivery app in VANCOUVER is the new way to meet new customer expectations.

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