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March 30, 2020 - Advice and Strategy > Legal
Divorce is a difficult life decision

Get a divorce without a lawyer and without going to court

Divorce is never an easy decision to make. It is a very serious decision that affects not only you and your family members, but also your property, your finances and other valuables. Due to this you need to act prudently and do your best to save your marriage and your future life.

How to file for divorce?

To get started, you need to fill out the petition for dissolution and submit it to the court. Your divorce papers are mandatory to submit in accordance with the local laws. The other documents are optional. Therefore, they must be filled out correctly to initiate the whole process.

How to file for divorce?

The process is fairly simple and involves just a few steps. The essential steps include:
•Understand whether the residency demands are fulfilled in your case
•Undertake the steps to online divorce services reviews
•Pay the divorce filing fees and other necessary expenses
•Deliver the documents to your spouse who is allowed to carry out the process of marriage dissolution under the law
•Wait for the decision of dissolution to be announced
•Attend the mandatory dissolution ceremony
•Attend the waiting period
•Receive the declaration of marriage dissolution that confirms the official start of your marriage
•Receive the dissolution decree after the waiting period is over

How to file for divorce without a lawyer?

If you are looking to file for divorce without a lawyer, the process is simpler if you choose to go with an uncontested dissolution. This means that you and your partner have mutually agreed on the dissolution of your marital relationship and have no claims to each other. The only issue is the location of your residence. The residency requirement is satisfied when you have fulfilled all the requirements imposed by the local legislation.

The process is more complex if you have children

The issue is which parent will be responsible for paying the child support. The final step here is to select the school district that will be responsible for your children's education. In this case, choose a school that shares your cultural background and provides them with an opportunity to learn about current events and current news.

How to file for divorce without a lawyer?

To get started, you need to fill out the necessary papers that apply to your situation and state law. If you are looking for how to file divorce without a lawyer, it is important to learn about the residency demands, the matters that concern your children, and the questions that must be answered.

After you complete the questionnaire on our website, you will receive the form that corresponds to your state. Print and sign them, notarize them, and submit them to the court. It is important to us that these forms are filled out correctly to avoid possible delays or errors.

After the papers are submitted, you must wait for up to two months to review them. After that, the court will publish the final decision.

How much does a divorce cost?

Our research shows that the average cost of a divorce is around $13,000, and the average cost of an uncontested dissolution of marriage is $11,000. Divorce rate has increased from $13,000 in 2007 to over $30,000 in 2016. The increase is mainly because the divorce process has become more complicated. The average cost of divorce has tripled since 2007.

How much does it take to finish the divorce process?

As you can see, the price depends on the type of dissolution you are filing for and whether you are requesting an uncontested or contested dissolution.

The divorce cost includes the cost of the marriage dissolution, which is $175 plus expenses. Divorce can be divided up according to the circuit court where you are filing, the number of years you will spend on the process, and the county where you are staying. The cost of uncontested dissolution is $175 plus expenses. The cost of divorce is not specified in statute, but according to local legislation, the cost is $275 for the first form and $225 for the second form.

How much does it take to finish the divorce process?

The answer is a bit disappointing. According to local legislation, the process will take from two months to a year or more. We understand that in terms of cost, time, and money, you may need to spend quite a lot on the divorce process. Our team is ready to help you get all your documents filled out correctly and make the process go as fast as possible.

How much does it cost to file for divorce?

The costs of the process will vary depending on the county where you file. The average cost of the whole process is $225, and if you have any hesitations, this fee will be increased to $250.

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