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March 18, 2020 - Business News > Communications & Marketing
Perfect Zara And Mango Jackets

Shorter and more elegant, the best-fitting fashion jacket with high-waisted pants is also the best-suited with midi skirts
Although we love wearing it one size larger, Zara, Mango and H&M say that the next trend jacket is the 'cropped blazer'.
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The gravitational center on which the styling orbits varies according to the years. In the 1960s, the miniskirt raised the iron curtain imposed this time on the female body and turned the thighs into recipients of all eyes. In the 70s, the languid and stylized silhouettes opened vertiginous necklines that located the vanishing point just below the chest. On both sides, the waistband of the trousers fell so low that it exposed the thong and exposed the navel, often decorated by a piercing that left no doubt as to the point of attraction at which the weight and force should converge. of the set. In response, or rather as a solution, to the cropped shirts (literally in English, cropped top), the pants shot began to rise and in this high tide of trends such as mom jeans, paper bags until reaching the Slouchy, the centimeters of skin stopped showing on the abdomen to go to the ankles.

10 perfect Zara and Mango jackets to welcome halftime
In contrast, the upper parts followed the opposite evolution. From the denim jackets, plaid overshirts, aviator jackets, and blazers that got on so well one size larger, we've moved on to the fitted, short blazer of the most stylish mother-to-date ensemble ever worn by Kaia Gerber.

The short blazer is not only the most obvious growing trend of the month but the most stylish and flattering combination for high waisted pants and midi skirts.

blazer Zara mango h-m trend 2020
And we do not say it ourselves but all the stores that have included different models in their collections in which the color, the fabric and even some details such as the neckline opening or the buttoning vary but the base remains:

On the one hand, the cut of the American-style jacket with wide suit lapels.

And on the other, the cropped effect or the cut at the navel, perfect for marking the narrowest point of the body with the help of high waist pants that enhance this effect.

Finally, these are the 8 cropped blazers offered by Zara, Mango, H&M, Bershka, and company:

• Turquoise blazer low cut and with a button
bershka green street hooligans outfit 2020 trend BUY
Cropped blazer with Vichy check print
Green tweed cropped blazer with pockets
other stories American jacket 2020 trend BUY
10 perfect Zara and Mango jackets to welcome halftime
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