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August 12, 2016 - Advice and Strategy > Communications & Marketing
7 Ways To Fill Up Your Sales Funnel With Qualified Leads

Lead generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any company, and impending with a strategy to boost and maintain leads is vital if you want to uphold income and growth.

It doesn't help either that people look for one killer lead approach that masks all ills while failing to understand that a good B2B business generation is made up of various activities, which must be calculated and tested to discover what's working best.

As per Marketo's study, 61% of marketers reported that generating high-quality leads was challenging for their organizations.

Knowing such translucent data, B2B marketing experts must prepare their marketing campaigns and plan out full-proof lead generation strategies for the coming year.

Here are the seven ultimate strategies to fill in the B2B lead generation gaps

Build social media relationships

There is no turn thumbs down to the fact that social media as a lead generation tool is a great way of creating and nurturing relationships. Discontinue using it chiefly as an advertising tool, and instead, change influencing and offer value to your prospects by reaching out to and engaging varieties of communities.

LinkedIn is famous to be the most efficient social media platform for B2B businesses in the present day. The key is to come across two or three groups where your real prospects spend time and start making yourself heard.

Start posting questions and answer in these groups. Establish trusted relationships based on your knowledge and your network. Start referring people and connecting these people to the tools, answers, and resources they require, and you will begin to pull towards you the right sort of attention in social media.

Add inbound tactics with outbound

Look for factors of diminishing returns where your campaign investments give the greatest value.

Inbound strategies like content marketing are powerful channels, and should be made the most of to a point. But, ahead of that, inbound tactics require being enhanced with outbound and other paid channels to make continuous demand and growth. Branch out your lead generation techniques to capitalize on your results.

Optimize website conversions for lead generation

A highly-performing site converts 7% to 14% of visitors and is optimized for this objective. Most people think that attractive websites are better, but studies reveal that even less beautiful yet functional sites can be just as successful—if not more thriving at converting leads.

That said, it is imperative to limit the amount of alternatives a person has to explore your website. The more inconceivable and overwhelming it is, the more the chance an audience will lose interest and go away.

Moreover, it is essential to place Call-to-actions in every section of your website to direct visitors to web forms and gated content. The aim is to make use of as several opportunities as possible to direct potential visitors towards your sales funnel.

Guest blogging

A useful tactic for generating leads for businesses, particularly, is guest blogging on popular industry-related sites.

Though guest blogging can assist in directing extra sources of traffic to your website, it is chiefly a tool for increasing visibility and building authority for your brand. A plus point of guest blogging is the opportunity to gain quality backlinks but this must never be your primary focus, or you might just be reported as a spammer.

Mobile is inevitable

There is absolutely no hesitation that marketers must invest in the mobility solutions. Consumers now depend on their mobile devices for, research, entertainment, social engagement, e-commerce, or just to idle away the hours.

It is forecasted that by 2017, Facebook 's revenue from mobile ads in the US will rise to 7.53 billion dollars. This is hard to believe growth considering the fact that Facebook only initiated mobile ads a couple of years back. An apparent reason for this growth is the increase in mobile advertising budgets, steady with the increase in mobile usage.

Understand buyers' needs

In 2016, companies that are keenly focusing on their customers' buyer personas are most likely to be successful.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional sign of your an ideal client. Although they need a lot of work to build up, putting in the effort will immeasurably improve your efforts when engaging with customers at different brand touch points.

As a final point

Putting into practice these strategies without adopting B2B lead generation services can be quite a daunting task. The digital age has without a doubt opened up diverse channels and ways of generating leads. Joining hands with a reputable B2B lead generation company can facilitate you take advantage of all the opportunities that technology has to present.

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