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November 4, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
50 Best Ideas for Research Paper Topics

It certainly feels like a daunting task to search for a research topic as a student. But as you will most likely be writing a lot of research papers in your college and university life, you need to find a great idea to come up with good choice of topics. However, it might become confusing when some topics will not be interesting enough for you but it is not that hard to search for a topic of your own.

While searching for a relevant topic, you will need to keep various things in your mind that includes the connection of the topic with your research along with its appropriate relevance with the contemporary application and the nature of the research. Moreover, you will be required to make your topic more detailed according to the particular research. The research analysis should involve the problem along with the right kind of informative facts in it.

Furthermore, after selecting a research topic, you will be required to send a research proposal to the professor of the institution who assigned the task to you. The approval should state the justification and should show the relevance of the topic related to the various types of formats such as APA, MLA and other respective terms. Moreover, there are several homework writing websites that can assist you, you are only required to ask ‘can you do my homework on this particular subject and topic or not'. And they will guide you accordingly. If they will have writers related to your subject area then they will surely take the orders or else they won't.

In addition, to make it easier for you to make a topic as well as a research proposal of your own, we have mentioned 50 best ideas for you in the article below.

Ideas for Research Paper Topic Related to Various Subjects

• Business Related Research Paper Topics Include:

1. E-business marketing and management
2. Online retailing and E-commerce
3. Cyber security and ethical hacking
4. White-collar crime and technology
5. Sweatshops business
6. Ethics and Social responsibility
7. Glass ceiling

• Law And Crime Related Research Paper Topics Include:

1. Civil rights and Civil liberties
2. Acquaintance rape and harassment
3. Animal rights and rescue
4. Campus violence and brutality
5. Capital punishment and the death penalty
6. Illegal drinking and drug dealing
7. Gun control and safety
8. Hate crimes and snatching
9. Mental disorder defense or Insanity defense
10. Mandatory sentencing for a crime
11. Patriotic activism
12. Police brutality and injustice
13. Rights of prisoners
14. Serial killer crimes
15. Sexual crimes
16. Three strike law
17. Habitual offender law

• Drug Abuse Related Research Paper Topics Include:

1. Usage of Cocaine
2. Alcohol Sales
3. Doping in sports
4. Drug testing
5. Drunk driving around the town
6. Effects of heroin
7. Marijuana
8. Nicotine and caffeine

• Education Related Research Paper Topics:

1. College admission processes and policies
2. College sports
3. College tuition plans
4. Educational diploma programs
5. Education and funding
6. Grade inflation
7. Greek educational societies
8. Homeschooling
9. IQ tests
10. Learning about disabilities
11. Literacy
12. Prayer rules
13. Sex education
14. Systematic tests

• Family Related Research Paper Topics Include:

1. Domestic Abuse
2. Increased rate of divorce
3. Child Abuse
4. Family relationships
5. Family values and traditions

Coming Up With a Research Paper Topic of Your Own

If the above-mentioned topics do not interest you, then we have more ideas for you to explore so you can come with a topic of your own that you can easily research and write about. Choosing the right topic might seem complex but is interesting as well.

Once you've got your assignment, be sure related to it and ask questions from your professor if you find any confusion or complexity. Make sure to discuss it with your classmates also so that you can have a clear understanding of what is supposed to be done.

The subject of your research paper should have proper relevance to the course program that you are taking. If you are planning to start a new course program, it will be better for you to look out for a powerful topic. Make sure to start your researching earlier so that you will enough time to manage, organize and edit the paper.

Creating an Engaging Thesis Statement

Once you've decided on your topic according to your subject area and interest, you will require to create an engaging thesis statement too. We know, most students find it the most difficult task to do but let us describe how you can conveniently compose it.

Throughout the whole academic calendar, students are supposed to write on a comprehensive list of topics by gathering data and facts from reliable sources in order to provide quality content papers. Make sure to summarize your thesis in two to three lines in a sentence or two with proper details along with using relevant adjectives. A thesis statement is supposed to your idea along with presenting the topic efficiently. Also, making a comment about your position in relation to the topic is necessary.


Research paper writing is just an elaborative form of an essay. It's easy but needs a little more researching than an essay requires. Along with that, another requirement of a research paper is to come up with a research proposal that is sent to the professor of the institution from where the task was assigned. Moreover, a thesis statement is also the requirement of a research paper through which the rest of the research is discussed.

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