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July 1, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
7 Places To Go For Your Homeschooling Needs

The trend towards homeschooling continues to grow, in part because of the joy parents are finding in the increased interactions with their children. But some parents still have doubts, sometimes because they don't know how to write a synthesis essay and mainly because of concern over finding adequate material and resources. So here, we're going to point you in the direction of a few places to help you out.

The most obvious place to look should be on the internet. First of all, there are online stores from which you can order any material you might need. But you'll also find a lot of other great material, from websites that offer lesson plans and curriculums to worksheets and exercises. Google is a great help when searching for homeschooling material.

Local bookstores should be your next stop. If you've got the curriculum ready, you should be able to purchase the books you need from any nearby bookstore. Finding them all in one place will save you time and can also offer you more flexibility as you'll find plenty of options for each subject.

An alternative to bookstores are magazine shops. You may be able to find catalogs with advertisers offering the materials you need. This way you can save time that you might have spent searching a variety of bookstores for a particular item.

An often overlooked place to find homeschooling resources is your local public library. There, you'll find plenty of reference books that you and your child can use as needed. Libraries also offer a variety of material like videos (nature videos are great!) and audio (for example, CDs can be used to help learn a foreign language).

Not only does the alternate material have information you might not find in your books, it helps break up the monotony of class time.

You'll also find computer software in the library that focuses on a variety of subjects. Math and reading games are very popular. You are also helping your child learn how to use a computer, which is vital knowledge in today's technological world.

While you're at the library, check their schedule; they often offer other programs like plays, music and book discussions for children. By attending, you'll be socializing your youngster with other kids, helping with reading comprehension and exposure to other people's ideas.

When you're ready to start homeschooling, don't forget to connect with other homeschooling parents in the area. Often, you'll find parents are willing to sell or share books and material they've used in the past. You'll also find that other more experienced homeschool parents are great resources, with lots of ideas for teaching in the home. They're advice can be most invaluable.

And of course, let's not forget your local museums and science centers! Trips to the museum will expose your child to a wealth of art and history – both world history and natural history. Join up with the guided tours, so that you and your child get to hear the information they have about the displays.

Finally, don't forget about the material you have in your own home. Measuring cups and spoons become lessons on fractions. Food colors can be used for science and art. You'll be amazed at the lessons you can teach using items around your home. And don't forget the outside – plant a garden with your child!

It combines math (budgeting), science (the plant cycle and the seasons), and reading (reading seed packets and learning about the plants you grow). Turning family together time into learning is what home schooling is all about.

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