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December 10, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Communications & Marketing
Customer Relationship Management CRM Keeps Customers

Customer Relationship Management Software has been around for more than 10 years now. For much of its existence, it's been used primarily by organizations that sell a product or service, usually for a profit, and also provide support. And good software has evolved to support those areas of sales, marketing and customer support, and the organizations investing in CRM solutions have done so primarily to gain a competitive advantage in those areas of business.
Every business knows that the customer is important but some seem to understand this more than others. The more applications and databases that a company has running, the more potential points of failure there are in the information environment. The workload in any IT department increases with the number of applications and databases that it supports.

However, Customer Relationship Management (what is CRM - technologies also offer great advantages for organizations that do not have customers as such or sell products in the traditional sense. For those organizations, the advantages don't come from the core features for Sales, Marketing and Service, but from a broader set of functionalities.

Those functionalities are the software's ability to connect multiple sources of data and information by placing it within a single application, and to automate business processes that are typically executed manually. Despite the proliferation of ERP systems and other integration technologies, many organizations store their related data in several disconnected systems, each of which is available to a limited number of people within specific departments.

For example, an accounting system contains customer records, transaction and payment histories. Prospect or donors records may exist in a contact management system. Correspondence may exist within saved documents on a server and emails are scattered across any number of desktops in different departments.

Some of the information in these disparate sources is of the same type of client contact information and some of it is different, yet it's all related to the work of the organization and its clientele. These islands of data often create several disadvantages for the organization that operates in this environment, but many of the disadvantages can be overcome by the broader features of a CRM solution.

Since several existing applications can be subsumed by a single CRM solution, CRM can help to streamline an organization's database environment and its commensurate cost. Multiple systems that store some of the same information often require the data to be entered multiple times. If two or more people are entering client data into different systems, they're wasting both time and effort.

A CRM system consolidates these records, so that only one record needs to be maintained, and the current information becomes available to all. Therefore, the well-configured CRM system can help to improve the overall integrity of data within your organization. One of the simplest, yet most frustrating of the problems can be caused by disparate data. This means time wasted searching for information on a customer.

In addition to preventing routine business matters from falling through the cracks, this allows the people within your organization to manage by exception, and spend more time making effective decisions, rather than searching for lost customer data use CRM software for Customer Management Relationship.

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