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March 25, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
Assisted Suicide Essay

How would you prevent someone close to you from suicide that was so willing that there is nothing else they can think about? Get help. Before one decides what their opinion is on the issue of suicide, assisted or otherwise, just imagine what it would be like if your best friend was considering it. Not only is he or she considering it, she has the tools and means and will. They want to die, because they are in so much pain from whatever illness or get homework help inflicts them.

It is an issue of circumstance. In One can't help reading American's Declaration of Independence has the oft-repeated phrase, “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” You must not pick and choose one or the other. If you cannot achieve the state of happiness with your physical or mental condition, assisted suicide should be the last resort.

It is also important that the person give consent while under a board's review, and not pressured while they are in no state to give consent. One could counter that a person in a physical incapacity might be not taken off of life support because a new scientific discovery could be made. This would be a policy based on “what-ifs.” Mental patients under wards of the state or peoples with diseases defined by Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Mental Health as “mentally ill” would not be eligible for assisted suicide.

The lack of having a policy or stance is inefficient for a problem with crucial impact. The solution is not easy, but the implications have already been negatively experienced. The United States should initiate a policy much like the current Do Not Resuscitate and Do Not Incubate policies in effect. More reading on this can be found at a local library, with book Legislating Medical Ethics: A Study of the New York State Do-Not-Resuscitate Law (Philosophy and Medicine).

According to the Bill of Rights, there is no law expressly indemnifying the right to end one's life. The foresight that our founding fathers were so dedicated towards could not possibly cover something that was so reviled upon in the eighteenth century. How would you prevent someone from suicide that was so willing to go against the religion that our country was founded? Many, like Pauline Maier, author of American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence, believe that the document is sacred in itself.

It makes you wonder what Thomas Jefferson's view on this would have been. If a person's standard of living is so low that advocacy of mentally-altering drugs have no effect, then we are not fulfilling our promise in the Declaration of Independence by letting them continue to suffer. Much of our inaction comes from “…the sense of loss, to link their cause with a purpose beyond survival alone, to raise the vision of a better future so compelling that in its name men would sacrifice even life itself” (Maier 96).

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