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May 9, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
6 Ways To Find Hidden Vacancies In The Jobs Market

There is a common held view that all jobs are either openly advertised in the relevant media, or at the very least visible. This is not the case. There are such things as hidden vacancies. Yes, hidden jobs and you can find them. Some jobs are advertised strictly within the boundaries of the company. Those kind of jobs go not advertised in public. They are known as closed competitions.

In some countries they are frowned upon, for legal reasons, but this form of job advertising with its emphasis on recommendation of others is rampant in most industries. Perhaps that industry is the one you wish to work in. If so, then how can a job candidate find work where no jobs are advertised? Is it a secret society? Successfully accessing the “closed shop” is a challenge. But there are ways of finding hidden vacancies in the job market, and then applying for them.

1. Use your networking skills. Hidden vacancies are known to some. Finding them is the art of finding something that makes itself invisible to many. That's where work colleagues, friends, employers, past employers, family and anyone who help form your personal network. If you are a serious job seeker, and have suspected that certain jobs are not promoted or advertised, even the most incidental or casual meeting with someone should be considered a valuable lead. Especially if it can lead to a job. Your network is important. Use your network of friends, family members and colleagues to discover unlisted jobs.

2. Go and make the first move anyway – it's quite true to say that if the right or ideal or exceptional candidate comes along, a company is always willing to create a position. This can happen even if there isn't any official vacancy at the time. Fortune favors the bold. Cold approaches may be unusual but like cold calling - applying to the HR department in a business at a key moment in time can pay dividends.

3. Take a step back in order to take a step forward – so ok – you are determined to work for the company at all cost but are not able to find a conventional path in. So consider taking a position at a lower level, in a low level job. You can work your way up eventually. If tough times call for tough measures, you have to be prepared to think outside the box.

4. Use a Union – not as crazy as it sounds.
Plenty of unemployed people who need a job quickly will do this. Basically they join a Union and go “on their books”. You are appraised by someone in the union, and then it's a waiting game. As soon as the Union has news of a position open somewhere, you will be called. Being a Union, people in these organizations have huge access to many types of companies, and they can set you on the path to employment. If you have never thought of doing this before, it might be time to do that now. This option could be used in conjunction with other methods of finding work at buy essay company, as it involves having to wait for word back from the Union. Do remember that certain rules apply with Unions. They are seen as militant organizations and constantly looking for improvements to their members' rights and salaries. In some countries they are highly valuable, while in other countries, they are treated with suspicion for being too powerful. You should know as much about Unions as possible before making this choice.

5. It pays to advertise – in this wired up connected world of today, we all want to have our names out where everyone can see them. Imagine being more famous on Hub Pages than you are in real life. So since you are looking for employment – make sure you get your name out there, by using various means. You can write articles and start your own blog, start your own website advertising your abilities and accomplishments. You could also try your hand at writing information or news articles for industry publications. Perhaps you have specialized knowledge in special areas of interest. Finance, tax, sales, Information technology, law, medicine matters. If forms and companies notice you and see that you have something to offer, then good things can happen your way. There are already people even on these H Pages who are doing this. Check the pages of Allie who writes articles on medical, welfare and wellness matters. She holds many qualifications and has vast experience and knowledge to write such articles. Having a specialized knowledge gives you authority in the field, and you should capitalize on this. You may find – yes – even through these Hub Pages that your true vocation can be realized.

6. Hire a Head Hunter – this is not as strange as it sounds. Many firms find it more and more common to use Head Hunters to research companies and to find roles for them. Banks and other businesses will often do this. Law firms do this too. For the price it costs, this is a good choice. If you are a specialist in a certain field, then you might have the kind of skills that are so particular that you have little choice but to hire a head-hunter to help you get work. This tends to apply to people in high paid positions such as executives. However, it is becoming more common with other less high paying positions. The system of hiring and employing is like water, it constantly adjusts and adopts itself and finds its own level.

Finding hidden or less obvious vacancies can be a challenge. But by following some simple tips here, you can give yourself the edge. All these tips listed here are proven and have worked. They are not pie-in-the-sky tips. When times are hard and things are tough, new ways to find employment must be considered. Don't be afraid to try new ideas. Some jobs are worth it.

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