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March 22, 2019 - Advice and Strategy > Writing & Translation
Internship Cover Letter Sample

If you are a recent graduate or a student finishing your degree, it is always a good idea to apply for an internship position. Being an intern gives you work experience and allows you to be trained. First of all you need create power resume for your first job, you can crete your resume with resume writer online service. If you do not want to go into a full time job, you can begin with an internship to get some work experience before exploring the world of employment.

An internship cover letter is to be treated like a marketing tool – and you are selling yourself and how assets. As with all business communication, internship cover letter samples need to be accurate and up-to-date. Do not merely copy internship cover letter samples that you see floating around the internet.

As mentioned earlier, be specific and direct. Research and do your homework. Find out who to address the letter to and who the person is. By doing this, you can know how to best approach the person through a letter. Do not use the same letter in applying to different internship programs. The more specific, the better – because it shows the company or institution that you are seriously interested and that you know a lot about their program.

The first paragraph of your internship cover letter should let the addressee of the letter how you came to know about the internship program. You can mention that you read it in a journal, or a report, or perhaps an announcement was put up in your college bulletin. However, the best way is to cite a person who referred you. This immediately creates a connection between you and the addressee.

The next paragraph should include why you would be the perfect person for the internship program. Cite the most important and relevant information or experience in the same field of expertise. You can also write on why you want to be involved in the program – this will show the reader of the letter that you are passionate about what you want. This paragraph should convince the addressee to at least give you a shot for an interview.

The last paragraph should be one that calls the reader to action. Most internship cover letter samples show this. You can write your contact details, where to reach you to set an appointment. Then cite a specific date of how long you will be waiting for their response. You should also include what action you will take should you not hear from you after the said date. This shows pro-activeness and efficiency.

Make sure that you close the deal in the last paragraph – this is your clincher opportunity. Remember that a cover letter is a tool to “sell” your skills, personality, and experience to get you that interview, and eventually, the job. Search the internet for more internship cover letter samples if you need more.

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