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January 22, 2020 - Business News > Information Technology
Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Web Hosting?
The two most important things needed to build a website are a web hosting account and a domain name. Web hosting is where your website will "live" on the internet. This basically means that web hosting is the space where websites are stored on the Internet so that users can access it on the internet. A hosting account and a domain name users can enter your site URL in the address bar of your browser and view your site.
web hosting in Pakistan

What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is when you share a single server (space on the Internet) and the resources associated with it with multiple different websites. Therefore, your website is stored in the same location as many other websites, and you must share a memory, disk space, data, and CPU (processing) time.
What is a WordPress hosting?
WordPress hosting is like providing services to your website. With WordPress hosting, you get extra services, and a hosting company can basically maintain your website for you. They will be responsible for hosting related issues such as security, backup, updating WordPress, etc. so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Managed WordPress hosting
services also tend to provide quality customer support to resolve your issues as quickly and easily as possible.
Due to these additional services, WordPress hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting.

Advantages of WordPress hosting

● High speeds-Managed WordPress hosting services are providing superfast speeds because their system is optimized for WordPress.
● Security and backups- WordPress hosting companies handle security and backups for you, so you don't have to worry about your site being unsafe.
● Automatic Updates-Most of WordPress hosting services will handle core WordPress updates for you, and even automatically update WordPress themes and plugins, which helps keep your website secure and fast.
● Priority Support-With Managed WordPress Hosting, you will get the best customer support, and WordPress experts will quickly resolve your issue.

Disadvantages of managing WordPress hosting

● Expensive-Due to the extra services provided by the WordPress hosting company, you will pay the amount more each month compared to shared hosting.
● Plugin Limitations – WordPress hosting services want to ensure optimal performance, they do not allow you to use certain plugins that may slow down your website.
● Strict Restrictions- WordPress hosts impose strict website restrictions and/or visitor limits.
● WordPress Sites Only- With WordPress Hosting you can only host WordPress sites.

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