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October 25, 2015 - Advice and Strategy > Communications & Marketing
For more convincing verbal presentations

For more convincing verbal presentations
5 mistakes to be avoided for a better verbal presentation

1 – Content which is not updated doesn't give you the credibility to reach your communication goals

Even if you are an excellent lecturer, if you provide old content, you will not be able to capture your audience's attention. Update your content because your readers are used to surfing on social networks and the Internet to seek topical news.

2 – A monotonous tone will make readers yawn
There is nothing more boring for your audience than speaking in a monotone. Variations in speech, intonation, speed and pitch of your voice will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

3 – Gesticulate and walk a few steps in the training room
In a world that is swarming with all types of animations (on the Internet, outdoor advertising, mobile devices), standing still isn't the best way to keep your audience focused on you. In addition, the distracting presence of laptop computers in training rooms is your primary competition. Large gestures to punctuate your speech, a few steps in various directions in the room and visual contact with each participant are your allies.

4 – A balance between graphics, text and your verbal presentation is required
A PowerPoint presentation is certainly a good tool to enhance your presentation. Except when your audience's attention is mesmerized more by animated images or dense texts than your speech. Balance is the key.

5 – Interact with your public
No matter how great your talk, do not hesitate to let your listeners ask you a question when it pops in their mind. If they are allowed to ask you questions only at the end of your presentation, chances are many will have forgotten them by then. Being able to give immediate answers positions you as an expert capable of adapting to its public.


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