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September 26, 2017 - Advice and Strategy > Other Categories
4 Must-Have Precision Measuring Tools For Machinists

A machinist is a person who is all the day surrounded by machine either to manufacture or modify parts. Be it cutting or drilling; every aspect related to it needs precision which can be measured through some dedicated tools.

The accuracy of the machine is one of the most substantial aspects that affect its selling. Any machinist knows the importance of this selling-point and strives to make their equipment more precise for its appropriate functioning.

When it comes to measurement, nothing is universal. Though one size doesn't have the capability to fit all solutions, with the help of precision measuring tools you can learn about some of it up to some extent. It is the primary reason why no machinist can work without this essential instruments. Therefore, it is indispensable to buy precision measuring tools from a reliable brand. For instance, you can contemplate Mitutoyo micrometer or iGaging Digital Caliper.

Here is the list of essential precision measuring tools for machinists.


It is one of the most crucial tools which is accurate enough used for measurements. It comes in two distinct configurations which vary from one another by measuring internal and external dimensions. It is the main reason why micrometer is considered as an essential tool for engineers and machinists. Usually, it comes in pairs or in sets with several rods used for measuring. Consequently, this additional feature results in increasing its range of accuracy.

While measuring the precision of a machine, make sure you read the outcome with proper care and precautions. Pairing up this tool with the caliper, you can experience the most accurate results.

2.Pin Gage

It is a cylindrical plug that is used for measuring the diameter of slots and holes of the machine. Technically, it is also known as pin gauge as it is one of the types of go/no-go gauge.

Holes and slots do come in every machine, but whether the depth and diameter of it are accurate or not should be measured before staging it for the trade. It helps a machinist to judge whether or not the size of openings is within tolerance to ensure the accuracy of the machine.


It is a device that is used for measuring the gap between two opposite sides of an object. In the simple sense, you can say it is a compass with both side facing points, inward and outward.

As manufacturing of machine involves many phases to measure the distance between two points, a caliper is used in almost all the industries such as engineering, forestry, metalworking, mechanical, woodworking, and whatnot. Due to this reason, it is available in 8 different types:

Inside caliper
Outside caliper
Digital caliper
Micrometer caliper
Vernier caliper
Dial caliper
Divider caliper
Oddleg caliper

4.Dial Indicators

When it comes to measuring small angles and distances, it is the only tool that suffices the purpose evidently. Minute details and movement can be accurately measured through dial indicator. Usually, this type of device is designed in three parts that comprise of an indicator dial on the round body, projecting rod which does measurement and a fixed, magnetic base or stands.

While there are numerous tools used for measuring the precision of CNC machines, aforementioned as some of the most important ones. No machinists can work without any of these above-mentioned instruments. Therefore, these tools are enlisted under must-haves.

If you face any difficulty in finding the correct one for you, then you can visit It is an online store which offers a wide range of machines, manufacturing accessories, precision measuring tools and much more from all popular brands and manufacturers.

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