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The working world is constantly changing. Businesses dependent on professional services are increasingly relying on a growing number of self-employed workers, freelancers, consultants, contract workers and small businesses. On AgentSolo.com, they are called “Solo Agents.”

AgentSolo.com is a business venue specifically designed to facilitate the negotiation of professional services between “Solo Agents” and “Buyers” (businesses or individuals who need their services).

AgentSolo.com is also a community of professionals seeking to expand their business network or simply share tips and ideas in order to better adapt to the new working world.


AgentSolo.com was developed and is currently operated by Netsym communication inc. The company was established in 2002 by three savvy Internet surfers in Quebec, who combined their expertise and formed a complementary team: Yves Williams, Martine Gingras and Stéphanie Simard.

The Team

  • Yves Williams, President
  • Martine Gingras, Vice President, Interactive Strategies
  • Gianina Renata Mocanu, Technical Vice President
  • Jonathan Lepage, Customer Service Representative

Site Development

Design, strategy and production:
Netsym communication inc.

Graphic design and HTML integration :
Colibri Multimédia inc.

Netsym communication inc.

Usability testing and ergonomic consulting:
Sandrine Prom Tep

English translation:
Communications McKelvey inc

Awards and Merits

Winner of the MIM d’Or (2003)
Recipient of the Mérite du français award in IT (2003)
OCTAS finalist (2003)

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