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  1. Policy objective
  2. Scope of this policy
  3. Use of personal information
  4. Protection of personal information
  5. Use of cookies
  6. Access to and removal of personal information
  7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

1. Policy objective 

Netsym Communication Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Netsym"), a registered company and owner of the Web site AgentSolo.com (http://www.agentsolo.com/), http://www.agentsolo.com/), respects the privacy of its members and will protect that privacy as vigorously as possible. AgentSolo.com therefore developed this Privacy Policy in accordance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Actas well as Quebec’s Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

2. Scope of this policy

This policy applies wherever personal information is given by members on AgentSolo.com :

  • Members’ names
  • Members’ contact information
  • Members’ credit card information
  • Other information that identifies members

AgentSolo.com only asks for members’ personal information that is needed in order to provide services and so that members can take full advantage of AgentSolo.com.

This policy does not apply to :

  • Visitors who do not provide any personal information and are thus not identifiable,
  • Information that members decide to post themselves by voluntarily providing information in the “Profile” section or within the context of projects, quotes or any other documents they prepare. This information is used to promote members’ services on the Web site; it is not mandatory, but it allows members to present their services and helps Buyers to better assess members’ abilities to meet their needs.

Please note that AgentSolo.com will never ask members for the following personal information :

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Health Insurance Number
  • Information regarding health, race, political opinion, religious beliefs or criminal record.

The AgentSolo.com Privacy Policy is complemented by the AgentSolo.com Terms of Use.

3. Use of personal information

AgentSolo.com uses your personal information in accordance with the above-mentioned laws in order to appropriately provide the services to which members have subscribed. AgentSolo.com will never:

  • Sell, exchange or provide your information to a third party,
  • Send your information to AgentSolo.com advertisers, except in anonymous form or in the form of statistics.

While using the services mentioned on AgentSolo.com, members understand that certain personal information may be used in order to contact them about our mission.

4. Protection of personal information

In accordance with the most rigorous standards in the industry, AgentSolo.com uses its own infrastructure to maintain the security of files containing personal information.

5. Use of cookies ("cookies" )

AgentSolo.com may use cookies while operating the Web site. Cookies do not contain personal information and do not identify the member; they are simply used to recognize members’ computers.

AgentSolo.com uses two types of cookies:

  • Persistent cookies are used to greet you by using the member name on AgentSolo.com from one session to the next. No link is made between these persistent cookies and the members’ personal information. These persistent cookies only save the members’ names and do not give access to any personal information; members must enter their password in order to access their account. These persistent cookies are never used to monitor members’ activities on other Web sites.
  • Temporary cookies are used to identify members when they log on to the Web site. Temporary cookies give members access to the services corresponding to their membership category ("Guest," "Premium Member" or "Buyer"). These temporary cookies are erased when members log out.

The purpose of these cookies is to enhance members’ experience, security and usability on the Web site. Some site functionality needs cookies to be enabled. Consequently, disabling cookies may limit site usability.

6. Access to and removal of personal information

AgentSolo.com authorizes members to access their personal information any time in the My Activities > Account section. Members may:

  • Partially or entirely correct personal information,
  • Remove personal information that is not identified as mandatory on the Web site.

If members wish to remove certain personal information identified as mandatory on AgentSolo.com, their account will have to be closed.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

AgentSolo.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time. The staff member responsible for personal information will personally inform you of any changes by e-mail.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the AgentSolo.com Privacy Policy

(last update on June 14, 2002)

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