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* Offer title:
Maximum of 100 characters.

Give your project a short title.
Examples: "Designing a Web site logo" "Drafting a business plan"

* Your needs:   

Minimum 100 characters, maximum 2,000.

WHY do you need the services of a Solo Agent? Explain the context of the project or summarize your needs in a few sentences.

Example: "We are a Web design team seeking a junior HTML integrator to occasionally help us with our projects."

You may use some HTML to enhance your project description.(see the list).


Maximum 2,000 characters.

WHAT are the Solo Agent's main tasks and responsibilities?

Examples: "You will be responsible for integrating new HTML pages while respecting the graph that you'll be given." "You'll create and optimize certain elements of the design."

* Skills needed:   

Minimum 50 characters, maximum 2,000.

WHO would be the ideal Solo Agent to carry out this project? Enter the skills and qualities (required or desired).

Examples: "Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS." "Ability to write a clear code, adequately documented and compatible with all platforms."

General requirements:   

Maximum 500 characters.

HOW? Describe the general requirements (work schedule, number of people on the team, methods and technologies used, etc.)

Examples: "You will be available between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. every week for one month." "You will be supervised by our technical director."

Instructions for those submitting quotes:   

Maximum 1,000 characters.

To help you choose the right person for the project, you may give instructions to those submitting quotes.

Examples: "Describe your familiarity with HTML, JSP, Javascript, CSS languages." "List relevant experience in your portfolio on"

* Category:
Enter in which category your project should be posted (and not the category in which you work).

Project completion period:

If it's a recurring project (for example, bookkeeping), don't enter the end date.

Additional files:
Attach files
You may attach files to provide more details about your needs.

Do you want quotes to includes estimates?
This information will remain confidential (only you will be able to see the amount of the estimate).

Estimates are not firm commitments. They will form the basis for the negotiation and may change in light of the details provided by both parties.

* Language of the quotes
In which language would you like Solo Agents to submit their quotes?
Requiring quotes to be submitted in only one language may decrease the number of quotes you'll receive.

* Location:

The project will be done in teleworking
The project will be entirely or partially done on premises (in your offices or specific offices)

Indicate where the project is to be carried out.

* Up until what date do you want to receive quotes? (maximum 30 days)

After the deadline, the project goes through a selection period and it is no longer possible to submit a quote.

The reference time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), based on the period of the year.

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