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How to post a project

How to post a project

Describing your needs when posting a project

Describing your needs when posting a project

  • The project-posting system on allows you to get quotes for professional services. There are hundreds of categories, including IT services, copywriting, translation, multimedia, design, management, finance, legal services and journalism.
  • It takes just a few minutes to post a project using our standard form, in which you describe your needs, required skills, contract conditions, deadlines and so forth.
  • In order to receive detailed, relevant quotes, you need to describe your needs and expectations as clearly as possible. To get a few ideas, you can take a look at some examples of actual projects that have been negotiated on
You must be a member to post a project. Talent Seeker and Solo Agent Premium Members can post an unlimited number of projects throughout the duration of their subscription. Compare the membership categories to find the one that best suits your needs. does not charge any fees for projects awarded through its system.

How Solo Agents submit a quote

How Solo Agents submit a quote

  • As soon as you post your project, Solo Agents signed up in the relevant categories are instantly sent an e-mail alert
  • Buyers often receive quotes within a few minutes, so consider using for your urgent projects!
  • As soon as they are posted, you can view the quotes on your “Project tracking” page. You’ll also receive quotes by e-mail.
  • To get more information about specific Solo Agents, click on their member names and consult their profiles. The profile is similar to a résumé, but it is adapted to the reality of contract work. You can take a quick look at every Solo Agent’s expertise.

    Solo Agents may submit a quote up until the deadline you’ve set.
How to encourage quotes on your project
Use the search engine or directory to find the profiles that meet your needs, then click on the Ask for a Quote button soumission. When Solo Agents see that you’re interested, they’ll be eager to submit a quote!

How to award projects

How to award projects

  • After your deadline has passed, Solo Agents may no longer submit quotes for your project. You then begin the selection process by choosing one or several quotes.
  • You can use the private messaging system icône messagerie to request more information about the quotes or to inform Solo Agents of any news concerning your project (deadline for awarding the project, changes to the project, etc.).
  • Once you’ve reached a decision, you’ll be guided through the steps to award the project to one or several Solo Agents. You do not have to contact each of the Solo Agents that you have not selected. Your decision will be posted publicly instead.
  • Once you award a project, you may deal directly with the Solo Agent you’ve chosen or you may continue using the messaging system to communicate with the Solo Agent throughout the project.
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