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How to submit a quote

Conducting searches and browsing the directory

Conducting searches and browsing the directory

There are several ways to find projects:

  • E-mail alerts: An e-mail alert is sent to you as soon as a project is posted in your category. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity: make sure you fill out your profile in all the relevant categories (maximum 5) and provide a valid e-mail address. You may change your category selection and frequency of e-mail alerts by clicking on: My activities > My preferences > My correspondence options.
  • Search engine: Your keywords and search criteria should be as specific as possible. That way you’ll get search results that match your skills.
  • Project directory: The project directory is organized according to nine professional categories. You may consult all the ongoing projects. You may also check the archives of recent projects to see examples of projects negotiated in your category.
You must be a member to see the project file. Solo Agent Guests are entitled to see a project’s overview. Solo Agent Premium Members (starting at $49.99 + taxes) have access to the entire project description, are able to see the Buyer’s identity and may submit a quote for the project. Compare the three membership categories to find the one that best suits your needs. does not charge any fees for projects awarded through its system.

Consulting a project

Consulting a project

Consulting a project
  • You may access the file by clicking on the project title in the search results or the directory. This gives you information to help you prepare your quote :
If you need more information to prepare your quote, use the private messaging system to communicate with the Buyer. To do so, consult the Buyer’s profile and click on the icon icône messagerie .

Preparing a quote

Preparing a quote

  • Are you interested in a project and do you possess the required skills? Click on “Submit a quote” icône soumission on the project file and prepare your quote using our standard form.
  • Since you’re sending a message to a potential new customer, the first impression is very important. It should be written in impeccable English or French. Make sure you clearly understand the Buyer’s needs and convincingly explain how and why you’d be able to meet these needs. Our buyers appreciate detailed, well-prepared quotes that enable them to quickly and easily determine the best Solo Agent for the project. Please note that you cannot change your quote once you send it to the Buyer.
  • Your quote is sent to the Buyer by e-mail and is displayed on the Buyer’s project-tracking page on To illustrate the negotiation process, the first 90 characters of your quote are displayed publicly. Only the Buyer is able to see the entire quote.

How Buyers select one or several quotes

How Buyers select one or several quotes

  • After the deadline, the project goes through a selection period and it is no longer possible to submit a quote. The Buyer assesses the quotes and, if necessary, may contact you using the private messaging system in order to obtain more information about your quote.
  • You can check the status of various projects by consulting your project-tracking page.
  • Once you have been awarded a project, you may deal directly with the Buyer or you may continue using the messaging system to communicate with the Buyer throughout the project.
  • If your client is thoroughly pleased with your work, you may ask the Buyer to recommend your services on using our recommendation system. One satisfied customer leads to another!

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