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17 septembre 2019 - Conseils et veille > Services juridiques
Hints on how to get a divorce

The process of divorce is a pretty difficult topic that has only been around for a few decades. And there are many reasons for that. Yet, the biggest factor that made the divorce not that popular in the years before is the fact that they were banned before all of the modern world changes. As an example, you can look at medieval times when you were not supposed to divorce at all. That was forbidden by the church, so surely not something that you would be able to do even having the greatest position at the community. However, the time went by and the Catholicism got to a level where most of the European countries followed the religion. And that was the time when the Pope was able to do anything that they wanted. Yet, there was one thing that always got on their way – money. So, to raise some money the church decided to create a new rule, which allowed you to pay some money to be able to divorce. That was followed by a lot of divorces from the various European kings. And that is how the divorces started happening. Now, the things got to a new level, which makes things harder yet again. You are not able to just pay to divorce someone. Instead, just like with the most of the things in our world we are seeing some kind of documents that are regulating all of the things going on in the divorce processes. And that is something that most of the people nowadays do not get at all. Everyone is so used to the easy processes in all fields of life. Yet, the process of divorcing requires you to have a lot of patience and, maybe, even a lawyer. Yet, to make everything easier for you this article is here to shed some light on the process of divorcing in general. Here are some of the things that you will have to go through when leaving your ex-loved person.
1. Filling the petitions and orders
Just like it was said before, most of the people nowadays depend on the documents. For example, you can say that your work simply is based on one paper that was written by you and your boss – that is your contract. Well, the marriage process is something that you have to confirm on the level of documentation. Therefore, if you want to get out of a marriage you will be required to fill some petitions to make that one contract inactive. However, things do not end here, as you will need to create a few new papers that will make life easier for both sides of the old deal. So, if you had some things that were acquired together you might want to create a new paper that would describe everything, thus making the life fair. The following point is going to take a look at some of these things. Those are the only things that are quite hard to do if you are trying to get an online divorce in Utah.
2. Dividing the possessions
Just like said before, if you lived life together, you might have got some of the things shared. And that is great for you if you still live together. Yet, if you are filing for a divorce you might be expected to fairly divide all of the things that belonged to both of you. Therefore, if you bought a house when you were living together it is a subject of division, as both of the sides might want to live there. Yet, some other things are taken into consideration when deciding these things. For example, if one of the spouses was earning less it would be fair to give them a smaller share of the house. So, the general process goes like mentioned above. However, you will still need to document all of the things that you decided to do. Also, there are some situations where the spouses are not able to agree on something and that is where the officials have to come into the game.
3. Order of Dissolution
The last document that you will need to face is the order of dissolution. That is a paper that is the easiest of all of the mentioned above in terms of writing it. The paper contains some information on the date of the marriage end, as well as the amounts of possessing that goes to each of the sides of the deal. Sure, that is something that would be easy to write having all of the mentioned above papers. Yet, you will still be required to somehow go through all of these things in the real world, which turns out to be much harder for some.

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