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17 septembre 2019 - Conseils et veille > Services juridiques
The changes in the way you see the love that your divorce caused

You might be one of those who seem to be strong when you see them. Those are the people that are always happy and calm. Yet, what is inside might be hidden. And one of the things that would break you inside is the divorce. You might file the online divorce papers in Washington state or do everything unofficially. Anyway, the person that you loved so much at some point might be gone forever for you. Moreover, they probably are. And that is something that most of us are not able to cope with for a long time. Some even struggle for their whole life. That even seems to be normal at some point. However, it is not actually. And if you are willing to live a normal life of someone happy, you will make sure that you are doing your best to stay in shape. Keep your whole life in shape. What you will surely not be able to change back is the way that you see love. Sure, it will still be something that everyone wants to get. However, some of the old feelings will never come back to you after a divorce. This article will try to figure out how your brain sees the love after the divorce.
1. How do you see yourself?
A big thing after a divorce is self-appreciation. It all depends on how your divorce went. You might have been struggling to get one and that is fine. It is not really about that anyway. This topic is about how it went for you. What were the reasons for the divorce? Was it you or was it your partner? Generally, it is much easier for you to take everything if that was your partner. It will hit you more in a short-term. However, with some time you will realize that everything was just going to get better. And there was nothing wrong with what you did. It was just your spouse that was the problem. In such a case, you will see yourself pretty much the same as you did before. It will just take some time to get to that point. Yet, if you meet a person that you like, you will still feel almost the same emotions as you did.
2. How do you see others?
This is huge, as the way you see the world after the divorce is a little different. This also depends on the time after the divorce. You will most likely be struggling to see people in the same way just after the divorce. Everything would feel so fake and unreal. Every smile would be disgusting for you, as well as every laugh. That is the time when you are most likely not going to be able to find anybody that you would be able to love. However, as soon as you will be able to make the divorce as something that had to happen, you will be able to see that it was just that one person who was not your fit. And there are some other people in the world that you might be able to love. However, the way you love will be different. You will be much more careful at who you pick.
3. New criteria
One of the things that you might notice in yourself after the divorce is the fact that you pick people by the new criteria. If you are looking for a new friend you will surely want them to be reliable and loyal. You will not want anybody to leave you again, as that hurt you a lot. Also, when looking for a new partner you will be looking at some new criteria too. Some are looking just for the person that they loved so much in the past. The others are looking for somebody exactly opposite to their old spouse, as they do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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